About calling Hitler a Nazi

Imagine accusing Hitler of antisemitism. Imagine accusing a Ku-Klux-Klan member of racism. Imagine accusing Stalin of communism. Imagine accusing Jack the Ripper of misogyny.

Ridiculous, eh? They would either laugh at you or stare blankly at you not understanding what the fuck are you trying to do, or confirm proudly. In any case, you wouldn’t accomplish jack shit.

And here we have the leftists who continuously go around accusing white men of racism, misogyny, bigotry and all sorts of nonsense, with the purpose of making them feel guilty enough to vote for a black poseur or a female criminal, tax them and drain them for all kinds of unfair benefits.

Is this shit for real? Let’s say the white men really are misogynes[*] and racists. Guess what’s the probability of a woman trying to do a follow-up on a black guy in a party that was founded by Dixieland in order to oppose abolition of slavery (look it up). Where the Democratic party was Sinn Fein, the Ku-Klux-Klan was IRA. So basically, if a party that used to hang blacks on trees if they looked at them the wrong way ended up electing a black candidate for president, and he ended up winning two terms, it’s proof that white racism doesn’t really exist in America as a realistic thing. Black racism, that’s a different matter entirely. The blacks are allowed to be as racist as they feel like, because whites are the only ones who can be influenced by this kind of guilt. A black person will go around all day saying how he hates white people and how they should all be killed, but if you tell that person he’s racist, he’ll just laugh at you the same way a KKK member would laugh at you if you accused him of being a racist. They would both think you’re an idiot.

If some label does in fact apply to someone, you can tell it by the fact that using it to induce guilt in that person doesn’t work. You can’t influence a true racist by telling him he’s a racist. I knew a true misogyne, a closet-homosexual who used to openly rant about how women are disgusting. If you told him he’s a misogyne, he’s just blankly stare at you, because it doesn’t work. Of course he is, he just told you he hates women and finds them to be disgusting subhuman trash that should be kept on a short leash. Of course a KKK member doesn’t have a problem being called a racist, he’d confirm and go on about how those damn niggers need to be hanged from trees and kept in fear and submission. Calling such people misogynes and racists is like trying to make me blush by calling me a yogi. I’d just look at you and try to figure out what the fuck are you about.

So basically, wherever this kind of debate tactics are used, they are self-canceling. If you use it on someone, it obviously doesn’t apply.

[*] A linguistic correction: a practitioner of misogyny is a misogyne, not a misogynist, just like a practitioner of misanthropy is a misanthrope, and not misanthropist. The French got this right, the Americans as usual fucked this up, because the fake scientists on their liberal colleges don’t really know Greek, they just want to use enough of Greek-sounding words in order to sound like scientists.