About gender equality and hakarl

I was just thinking about feminism and the concept of gender equality and social justice and how it differs from my views on the subject.

A feminist view of gender equality is that for every occupation you need to have an equal percentage of men and women.

My view of gender equality is that all doors should be open to all people regardless of gender, and if a person is the best qualified candidate, he or she should get the job, period. I don’t give a fuck whether someone is male, female, intersex or whatever. If you need a math teacher, what you should care about is how well a person teaches math. That’s the only thing that matters. If you need someone who operates a fork-lifter, you need a candidate who does it well. If you need a pilot, the most important consideration is how well that person flies a plane, not whether the person has testicles or ovaries. Gender quotas are total bullshit, because you can never really know who the best qualified candidate will be, for any given job. A man can be the most qualified babysitter, a woman can be the most qualified fighter pilot. Talent isn’t uniformly distributed in any given population.

Also, there is sexual dimorphism in humans which makes different things appealing to different genders, and it’s rarely a 50-50 distribution in anything. What matters to me is that you are allowed to do whatever you like, and if a woman likes to be a fighter pilot, or a man likes to be a babysitter, fine. But you can’t prescribe quotas. You can’t say that there must be an Einstein or a Beethoven in every generation. You can’t say that there will be women and men interested in occupations that are usually associated with the opposite gender. Sometimes there just aren’t any women who are interested in fixing cars, so you can’t make a gender-based quotas for car mechanics. I do, however, think that there should be no barriers other than one’s personal competence, because I’m a meritocrat, and fiercely so. All doors should be open to everyone, and may the best candidate win.

There are other issues, however – people are usually stereotyped in public perception, and according to this perception women should suck at driving, while men should suck at sewing. I did encounter some American men online who actually think women can’t drive a car with manual transmission and don’t seem to be aware that here in Europe almost all cars have manual transmission and all the women drive them daily. Also, women are usually considered to be less tech- and sci- savvy than men, which is also bullshit, especially since it’s a historical fact that when a man (Charles Babbage) invented a mechanical computer and wrote a program for it, it was a woman (Augusta Ada Byron) who found and corrected bugs in it. There are other silly stereotypes and prejudice, and feminists are justified in calling bullshit there. However, being stereotyped against isn’t a gender issue, it is a human issue. I’m being stereotyped against all the time and I couldn’t give two fucks about it. If people think you can’t do something, take it as a challenge instead of whining and calling for momma society to fight your battles. The important thing is, if you aren’t prohibited in doing something, that’s equality. Being approved of or lauded, is a whole different ballgame, in the order of magnitude of “being able to state your opinion” and “being taken seriously”. You have a right to state your opinion, but past that all bets are off.

This is why I think the modern-day feminism is just full of shit. They make claims about gender disparity in wages and non-uniform distribution of genders in certain jobs and use it as an argument that women are discriminated against, and this is simply false. When I wanted to enter college, I had to solve the entrance exam. Nobody asked whether I was male or female, it was maths and phsyics, and I passed because I was good at that, not because I was male. I can honestly say that I never, ever had a situation where anything was easier for me because of gender, or that some doors were open for me and not for women. Also, when it comes to earning money, nobody ever tried to pay me more because I was male. They always wanted to pay me the least possible amount, and I had to fight and haggle. Gender equality is a total non-issue, and it was a non-issue for my parents, as well, and probably my grandparents. Feminism is a dead issue in the Western civilization, because there is total equality in rights for men and women, and has been for quite a while. In order to see what I’m talking about, go to Saudi Arabia and see how the opposite works. You want to drive a car – sorry, can’t, you have ovaries. You want to get a passport and go to Iceland and eat rotten shark – sorry, can’t, you have ovaries, need a male guardian. That’s what closed doors look like. That’s what it looks like when women aren’t allowed to do things, not because they aren’t qualified, but because they are women. That’s where feminism makes sense and should be introduced. Here, in the West, women can get a passport and go to Iceland to eat rotten shark until they vomit a bucketful. It’s just that most won’t feel like it, and that’s their damn right, too.