About female equality and lifeboats

I’ve been thinking about this whole thing about the feminists and how they supposedly liberated women from the evil patriarchal society and stuff like that.

Then it’s the other thing, about how there’s not many women in the tech industry, especially at the top positions, and how that supposedly proves that women are discriminated against.

And I’m thinking: what a load of bullshit.

Let’s look at things in my favorite way: by following the flow of resources .

One of the main social things women do is trade sex for things – affection, security, money, power. In the “evil patriarchy”, the socially negotiated and established price of sex was taking care of the woman and her children for as long as she lives. This is more-less the absolute maximum one can negotiate.

In the modern, female-emancipated society, the socially negotiated price of sex is two drinks, or a dinner.

You’ve got to ask yourself, who is getting screwed here? Basically, when women were “oppressed”, the entire society was organized according to the principles of chivalry, which meant “women and children first”, they had the best social contract, tailored according to their best interests and desires, and they were the most protected part of society. Now somebody will say that they were not educated and were prohibited from doing male jobs, to which I will roll my eyes. Yeah, they were prohibited from working behind a plough in the field until they died, or being killed in some war. For the greatest part of our civilization’s history, not being allowed to do men’s jobs meant being protected from the harshest form of exploitation and murder. Male jobs were not emancipating men, they were the most gruesome, cruel shit you can imagine. However, there were as many queens as kings in the western civilization, and in the noble classes women were in most respects equal to men. Yes, the death penalty for women was being burned at the stake, but for the same crimes the punishment for men was being hanged, drawn and quartered. Essentially, the women’s right movement is and always was pure bullshit, because in the western civilization, women were always respected and treated better than men. Men routinely died to protect women and children, and it was a point of social pride. The only problem women had in our civilization came from too much protection, because when someone takes care of you, you aren’t pressured by survival imperatives to develop certain faculties, and so women really got more stupid and incompetent with time, at least relative to men, who were effectively selected against some traits, literally – if they failed, they simply died. If they were stupid, they died, if they were incompetent, they died. For a woman, all it took for her to survive was to cry and be distraught, and ask for a man’s protection, and a man would live and die for her. This is why women got to be good at expressing emotions and manipulating people, and why men got to be good at solving real problems, from watering crops and killing wolves to making nuclear reactors. All that was expected from a woman was to do what she would have done anyway – make meals and keep the house clean – and not have sex with other men in order for the husband not to have to feed other men’s bastards. The man was expected to provide food, protection, comfort and, basically, everything else you can think of. From where I’m standing, and I had grandparents who functioned in such a traditional way, this is either an egalitarian or a slightly matriarchal arrangement, but it is in no way patriarchal. Women always had enormous power in a society and basically everything was arranged to fit their preferences and desired lifestyle.

Which leads us to “why aren’t there more women leading the IT companies”. Let’s put it this way. There aren’t women leading the IT companies because in order to lead an IT company, you have to be its founder, you need to create your company from scratch. This usually means two guys quitting college, selling what little they have in order to buy computer parts, sleep on the garage floor, eat yesterday’s stale pizza and code all day, not bathing properly, not having a social life other than your geek friends, and have no guarantees anything you do will amount to anything. Basically, it’s what men do: they risk their lives and wellbeing doing things that are fucking hard, without any guarantees any of it will end up well for them. Sure, women would like to lead Microsoft, but if a woman saw the beginnings of Microsoft, she would wave scornfully at the Bill Gates sleeping on the floor after coding for several days and nights on end, surrounded by other geeks who were all into computers. But when this thing got successful, and the guys got rich, there was of course no place for women at the leading positions, because those positions were rightfully divided between those people who happened to risk their future and work their butts off when any payoff was questionable. While the guys did that, the women of their generation were into social studies, feminism studies, law and similar bullshit, trying to fuck good looking, non-geeky students, trying to get safe jobs and marry safe men, not some college dropout losers who spend nights writing code. That’s why women are not present at the ruling positions: they play it safe, and are therefore not present among the life’s biggest winners, or its biggest losers. Women prefer to inhabit the safe middle of the pack. Sure, they will complain about missing out on the perks enjoyed by the super-wealthy men, but if you ask them to actually take the risks those men took in order to get where they are, they will want no part of it. Sure they won’t, because taking risks means you can lose and end up dumpster diving.

So basically, women have to learn that they can’t have it both ways. They can’t be the most protected part of society and at the same time be the smartest and the most successful part of society. Those things don’t mix well. Being successful and smart is a result of merciless culling of the losers, and women dislike being mercilessly culled. They want to live, to be safe, and for their children to live and be safe. Men are most likely to take risks, which is why they make up the majority of all kinds of life’s losers, but they also make up the majority of all kinds of winners. So basically, the female emancipation movement did make women smarter. Their IQ actually rose noticeably in the last century. However, life is also much harder for women, because now they have to work, and sex is no longer a way for them to solve all of their financial problems, by trading it for lifelong protection. Basically, a life of a woman is now more like a life of a man – riskier, shittier, more dangerous, but also more rewarding. And when a ship goes down today, thanks to feminism, an equal number of places in lifeboats will be filled by women and men, which means most women will drown together with men. But that’s what female equality means: you also get an equal share of losing, not just winning.