About women, driving and empathy

There’s this “prejudice” that women suck at driving, and I’ve been thinking about that for a while, to see whether it’s true, and if it is, why.

And I came to the most startling conclusion: they do, and it has nothing to do with driving. They can control cars just fine. It’s just that they completely lack empathy and social skills, if by social skills we mean being able to cooperate with other people in order to solve common problems, and understand the parameters of the situation that surrounds you and adapt in order to confront and overcome it.

It’s interesting how there’s that prejudice about women, which says that they are very socially apt. I thought so too, for years and even decades, but then I started paying closer attention. You see, women see it only as a way of getting what they want. They express emotions because it’s a great way to mobilize other people’s compassion to their benefit, because they want others to help them achieve their goals. They gossip, because that gives them control over the behavior of others, and is an excellent passive-aggressive way of bullying people into doing what you feel comfortable with. But it’s always “me, me, me”. It’s their emotions, their feeling of propriety, their goals, their purpose, and they will cry and bitch and moan until they get what they want, but they completely lack empathy. They literally don’t give shit about anyone unless they can see themselves in that person’s position, which means that they wouldn’t give a fuck unless they thought it could happen to them; then it’s a tragedy.

Men, however, can’t afford this luxury. If they bitch and moan and cry, other men will laugh at them, at best, or even beat the shit out of them. They need to get their shit together and solve actual problems, and the best way of doing that is to realize you’re not the center of the universe and you need to understand that there are other people around you who also try to solve problems and do things, and if you stay out of each other’s ways it’s good, but if you can actually cooperate and make each other’s lives easier, that’s actually great, because you’ll get more things done more easily, and that’s a good thing for everyone. That’s also the reason why women are so into traditions, customs and laws. They probably think that the laws of society came written into the quantum states of the atoms and were discovered together with electricity and magnetism. They will obey all the laws of the road like the speed limit or the stop sign, and they think that’s all there is to it, and that’s why they suck at driving so fucking terribly. They drive like a train – it goes only in the straight line, cares only for what’s ahead of it, and if something changes, it is literally unable to do anything to adapt to the situation, because women aren’t very into adapting to situations, they are into crying and bitching and moaning until the situation adapts to them. Men on the road assist each other. When we see another guy trying to switch into our lane or make too tight a turn, we let them in or back away to give them the space they need, because it makes things easier for everyone. With men, it’s a routine thing (and men for whom it isn’t are colloquially known as “assholes” and “jerks”), but with a woman, no way. She will never back down or adapt to your needs. Whether it’s because they don’t notice your needs enough to give half a fuck, or because they think backing down is a sign of weakness and they need to be that tough bitch that roundhouse kicks men, I don’t know, but they completely and utterly don’t give a fuck. But when they need something, it’s like “need need need, me me me, now now now”. When I see a parking spot, but I just passed it and can’t get in without stopping the car in the middle of the road in rush hour, put the car in reverse, and block the entire lane with miles of traffic behind me, waiting for all of them to go away so that I could park, I just say “fuck, I missed that one” and I proceed to find something that doesn’t require the damn planet to start revolving around me. Not the woman. She will just stand there with that “me me me, want want want, now now now” attitude and do it until she either dies trying or the entire city’s worth of traffic reverses a car’s length so she can park her precious car. And that’s just because women are instinctively expecting the society to cater to their needs, to pamper them and to swallow their bullshit. Men are better at dealing with the real world, but women, they excel only at egotism and social manipulation. They know when to cry, when to smile, when to make hints of what kind, and they are used to it working, and based on that, they get an overinflated sense of confidence in their skills and abilities and they occasionally try that shit on the real world, and then they routinely get their ass handed to them, because that social bullshit they use to manipulate people with looks and emotions, it doesn’t work when you actually have to hunt or gather food or build shelter or do anything outside of the context where you have an entire human society trying to please you and make you happy.

And here’s where we come to the real point, that there’s nothing men could invent, be it good or evil, that women couldn’t perpetuate into infinity by turning it into a tradition, that is maintained by social ostracism of the offenders, because traditions are the social makeup of the society, and women so desperately rely on society to assure their survival and prosperity, there’s literally nothing beyond the law, nothing beyond society and its traditions for them. The law is the law is the law. Men, however, understand that laws are but a means to an end, that being making it easier to get real things done, in the real world, where they need to cooperate in order to kill a lion, plant the crops, bring water to the crops, defend their territory or provide food and shelter for their families. Women don’t have to cooperate in order to get things done. They cry, bitch and moan until someone else gets things done, and in order for someone to give a fuck about their bitching and moaning, they need either to have some intrinsic value (which is usually beauty and a hint or a promise of sex), or they need social customs they can draw upon in order to be able to pull on levers by crying, bitching and moaning; they need laws passed which say that if a woman cries, bitches and moans, someone needs to die. And the joke is, they are willing to support any tradition, as bad as it is to women, such as female circumcision (which BTW is practiced by women upon women, it’s a female thing from start to end), just to have a social framework that clearly defines the rules which will get them to belong to the “in” crowd, which can pull the society’s levers.

That’s why they tend to obey all the traffic laws, as they see them, because they think, instinctively, that by obeying the society’s rules, they are a part of the “in” crowd, and that’s all that matters – they obey the laws, and they realize their personal goal within that framework, and they are therefore safe. But that’s exactly why they drive so terribly, because driving isn’t about following the rules. The rules are secondary to driving. The primary thing is, we are all together on this road, and we need to see each other and help each other, because we want to arrive safely and quickly to where we are going, and we all invented a set of rules to help us with that, but it isn’t about the rules. It’s about seeing that the other guy’s lane ends in a hundred meters and he needs to go into my lane, so I slow down to let him in, because I know what he needs, and things will work better for everyone if we help each other, instead of just blindly following the rules and not giving a fuck about the dynamics of the situation which makes the traffic, or, in fact, life itself.

So what I want to say is: women, pull your heads from your assholes and start acting as if that man, whom you ignore because you don’t find him useful, is as important as you are, and you need to take his needs into account. And that woman, who is so much uglier than your pretty conceited self, actually needs to park there and you need to get the fuck out of her way, and no, you’re not important, and you should get over yourself. And when we’re at it, stop revolving around mirrors and start studying something that really matters, like mathematics, physics, engineering or molecular biology, or you’ll find yourself in your late 30s with your beauty gone, and more consumed sperm than connections between brain cells. If you don’t want to be sexual objects, then start acting like human beings. And human beings are defined by what they do, what they perceive, how deeply they feel the world and other beings, and not by how expensive their fucking handbag is.