Why the Paris attack and what to do?

It is safe to say that Daesh (IS, ISIS, ISIL) took down the Russian airliner over Egypt.

Next, Daesh activated a domestic terrorist cell in Paris to perform a terrorist attack.

It seems logical to say that this is a display of strength and capability on behalf of Daesh, and that the West is vulnerable to its attacks. However, after thinking about it I concluded that it is in fact a sign of great weakness on their part, and of great desperation. You see, in order to succeed, they only needed to wait. They needed to wait for the “refugees” (in fact Muslim invaders who intend to collect European welfare in order to breed and produce more Muslims) to successfully integrate themselves into European countries, and for the already present Muslim communities to outbreed the natives, in order to attain their goal of Muslim supremacy in Europe. Instead, they tipped their hand: the result will be anger towards Muslims, rejection of the migrants and possibly even strong retribution against the non-integrated Muslim communities in Europe. So why would anyone who desires Muslim supremacy make moves that are certain to hinder this goal?

It’s quite simple, really. The Russian air strikes are really harming them, to the point of utmost desperation and panic. Staring into the jaws of certain doom, they activated their sleepers in order do at least some damage to those they hate; and being murderers at heart, nothing pleases them more than killing at least some of their perceived enemies.

So, now everyone asks what are we to do, and what is to be done. I say, doing something about Daesh is not an issue. You can’t really harm them more thoroughly than the Russians already are, other than by resorting to nuclear weapons, which is pointless considering the nature of the enemy – they don’t have any centralized infrastructure worth mentioning. What can be done is to wake up and smell the coffee, and understand that it’s not Daesh, or Al Qaida, or Jamaa Al Islamiya or any other group of Muslim murderers that is the problem. It’s not even Islam that is the problem. It is the attitude of the Western people towards primitive, savage peoples and cultures that is the problem. It’s the tolerance toward them that is the problem. If they want to live here they need to check their religion and its political aspirations at the door, and learn how to be Westerners. If they refuse, they can go back to whichever shithole they came from. It’s that simple. If they want to live here, they need to assimilate and learn to work for a living, not collect welfare. They can come here only if they are able to make a worthy contribution to our society, not if they intend to be a burden and if we need to finance them with tax money.

Islam can be as intolerant and murderous as it likes, as long as it’s somewhere in the Middle East. But here it should not be allowed, because it is in contradiction with the basic tenets of our society. The real problem is that our society doesn’t really know what it is or isn’t anymore; it doesn’t dare to make any sort of decisive statement about its right to exist out of fear it will offend some group or another. In the West, if you say you’re black and proud, it’s fine, you’re applauded. If you say you’re Muslim and proud, it’s fine, you’re applauded. But if you say you’re white and proud, you’re a Nazi. If you say you’re Christian and proud, you’re a primitive beast that needs to reform. But criticism of Christianity is socially perfectly OK in the West; in fact, it’s seen as a sign of open-mindedness and progressive attitudes. The problem is, the same form of criticism of Islam is completely out of bounds, it’s beyond the pale. This needs to change.

One would say, why don’t I criticize other religions, why only Islam. Well, the answer is quite simple, and it doesn’t have much to do with theology or philosophy. The reason why I criticize only Islam is because Islam attempts to intimidate people away from criticizing it, under threat of murder. That’s why I criticize it and think it’s worse than other religions, and needs to be treated with particular contempt and social ostracism, in exactly the same way Nazism is socially ostracized and treated with contempt. Islam doesn’t mean peace, it means submission, and it wants to beat us all into submission. Well, my opinion is that it needs to be kept in submission.