On soul-structure

There are some things about karma that are largely unknown or misunderstood. One of those things is that karma is usually understood as a macroscopic phenomenon, influencing soul-entities based on activity-events. Essentially, you do something and you get corresponding consequences.

That’s not really what happens, because karma is a kalapa-level force.

I will again need to resort to the analogy with gravity and say that gravity appears to be a stellar-body-level force, but is in fact a particle-level force, because it is related to mass, and as long as a particle has mass it bends space and thus “attracts” other particles. We usually think of “Sun” and “Earth” as entities, but they actually exist on a rather high level of abstraction. Earth, for instance, gains mass with meteorite impacts, and loses mass with deep-space-probe launches. Before the Theia impact, Earth was a completely different entity. It only really exists as “Earth” in our minds. What really exists are numerous atoms that combine their mass and therefore gravitational influence into one virtual entity.

So, while it makes sense to calculate gravitational influence of the Sun-Earth system using Sun and Earth as entities, and although you will get very accurate results, that’s not really how gravity actually works. It doesn’t take place on the level of stars and planets, it takes place on the level of the smallest massive particles, and if a huge number of such particles join their space-bending properties together, we get what we know as gravity, from an engineering standpoint.

Yes, Sun influences the Earth, and Earth influences the Sun gravitationally, but the effect is proportional to mass. Also, the effects of the increase of an entity’s mass are not linear. You don’t just get a bigger rock, you first get the ability to maintain atmosphere, then you get the ability to have Hydrogen in the atmosphere, and then you get so much pressure that you get fusion of protons and nuclei. Eventually, if you get sufficient mass, you get a neutron star as all the atomic nuclei are forced together into one entity and protons beta-decay into neutrons, and with even more mass, Neutronium collapses into singularity. So, although the increase of gravitational influence with mass is linear, there are other effects that are non-linear.

The same applies to souls. As they grow by including more kalapas of “spiritual substance”, they have more karmic influence, and greater resistance to karmic effects. They are always sensitive to karmic reactions, but this influence is in proportion to their size, and in proportion to the size of the karmic entities that influence them. Essentially, quod licet Iovi non licet bovi. This is hugely important because people usually form theories of karma that reflect some kind of egalitarianism, and this sentiment is misplaced. This makes poor treatment of humans particularly dangerous, because, unlike other terrestrial biological entities that have constraints placed on the maximum soul-size that is able to incarnate through them due to their biology, humans have a much greater variability, and can incarnate entities that range between sub-animal on one extreme and God-level on the other. Essentially, you get a village idiot on one side of the spectrum, and Jesus on the other side of the spectrum, and the problem is that they both look more-less the same if you probe them with physical senses. If you probe them with spiritual senses, a village idiot’s spiritual body (or, should I say, karmic body) looks like a speck of astral substance of dull and impure colors, and Jesus or a similar being looks like you somehow managed to cram a Sun-level star inside a human body, with corresponding order of magnitude of “spiritual gravity”. He bends “spiritual space” in a way similar to that in which Sun bends physical space, and produces huge, vast effects on the karmic bodies of lesser spiritual entities. An appearance of such a vastly huge spiritual being on Earth has effects similar to the transition of another star through the Solar system on a path perpendicular to the ecliptic.

And therein lies the problem. Incarnation in this place creates some rules that mitigate those effects, but those rules don’t apply universally. For instance, interactions with other humans always karmically affect you, but this effect is not directly proportional to the size of the soul that is incarnated in the body you are dealing with. This is due to some kind of an egalitarian, plane-specific law that was introduced by Sanat Kumara and embedded in the basic design of this place. It seems that a part of it is that you can’t be held responsible for something you are unaware of, and therefore it was absent from your motive. Essentially, that means that one can sentence Jesus to death and have him killed, and not suffer particularly grave karmic consequences. However, if he actually knew who Jesus was, and used the opportunity to kill him, with the actual intent to do harm and not, I don’t know, to grant him the opportunity to show how great he is by conquering death, the difference in “karmic gravity” between the entities, and the direction of karmic vectors would be such that it would cause spiritual destruction of the lesser entity, and, most likely, absorption of the resulting fragments into the soul-structure of the larger entity. This is actually described in Bhagavata-purana, when various demons attack Krishna. He not only destroys them, he absorbs their soul-structure into his own.

I also mentioned the analogy with gravity and how it can transform physical matter (fusion of protons and nuclei, neutron star, singularity), and how similar non-linear effects take place with karmic entities. One such effect is transformation of the astral/mental substance of sufficient purity and density into vajra, a higher-order spiritual substance, and there are other, even higher-order substances that make up the spiritual bodies and attributes of Gods. Fundamental structure of souls is not a linear function of their size; there are certain crucial points in spiritual evolution that mandate qualitative leaps.

Such qualitative leaps are in fact initiation into deeper level of participation in God’s nature and character, and also in power and authority. Also, those qualitative transformations make souls immune to certain forms of influence, decay or destruction that lesser spiritual beings can be sensitive to. For instance, an astral being is sensitive to astral influence, but a vajra-being is not. It can wear an outer astral envelope that is sensitive to astral influences, but it can shed it altogether without any harm to its spiritual core. If an astral being’s astral body is damaged, it’s damaged. The effect is real and influences the being’s identity and character. If an astral entity can wear a physical body, and survive physical body’s destruction unharmed, but can’t survive astral body’s destruction, a vajra-being is in a position that’s an order of magnitude better – it can survive physical body’s destruction unharmed, and it can survive the astral body’s destruction unharmed. Whether vajra-core can be harmed is another matter altogether, but you get the general idea. My position is that a sufficient amount of sinful choices and deeds can kill anyone, even the Gods, but the higher quality of spiritual structures makes such choices unlikely, if not altogether impossible. The only way the vajra-level beings can be harmed, in my experience, is when they use their “spiritual jewels” as a pledge that buys the lower-level beings some kind of an undeserved opportunity. If those lower-level beings abuse the gift, the “pawned” jewels can remain locked-out of the higher-level being’s control. The implication is that a higher being can have non-isotropic structure, where some parts are of a higher order than others, and where some parts are more internal than others, and that actually seems to be the case; some beings “wear” vajra-type spiritual jewels as either weapons, shields, robes or other attributes that are more-less inherent to their nature. Loss of control over one’s jewel is always a grave tragedy, where one is bound to a fate he has no control over, bound to a plane of existence that is beneath his natural state. Deceiving other beings into pledging their spiritual resources to his cause seems to be the main element of Sanat Kumara’s “mutually assured destruction” doctrine, where he protects the soul-trap he designed by capturing multiple spiritual jewels and therefore the spiritual integrity of many higher beings, where karmic invulnerability of the trapped structures precludes any attempt to destroy the trap, unless the jewels are disentangled from the structure first, of course.

What this all means is that there is a vast range and diversity in nature and makeup of the spiritual beings. There is no singular end-point of evolution; it doesn’t produce rubber-stamped entities. You basically create yourself by your choices and actions, and the end-result can be anything from your dissolution, merging into another entity, breakup into multiple entities, or higher initiation in various directions – essentially, not only do we have great diversity on the lower levels of existence, such as the Amazon jungle, but we also have great diversity among the Gods.

And most important of all, universality of karmic law does by no means imply any kind of egalitarianism or democracy. If you put the collective soul-mass of all humans on one side of the scale, together with their joined willpower-vector, and one of the Gods with his soul-mass and willpower-vector on the other side of the scale, the scale tips on the God’s side so hard that the collective of human souls doesn’t even make a blip. This means that humans can’t “vote” themselves out of trouble if they find themselves on the wrong side of the will of the Gods, and there isn’t much strength in numbers, because those numbers don’t really mean anything; in a single entity, that much astral substance in a single astral body wouldn’t really hold together unless it were transformed into a coherent form, and then it would produce initiation into vajra. With multiple individual beings, however, such transformation doesn’t take place and their collective spiritual gravity isn’t the sum of their individual spiritual gravities, just as a billion brains of rats doesn’t make their brain-mass miraculously join together and make a huge super-human brain. They are just a billion instances of a rat, with collective intelligence of rat. A billion IQ 80 people don’t join into one IQ 150 person; they are just a collective idiot that is not worth much compared to an individual genius. All the collective efforts of mankind are worthless from the position of spiritual evolution, and if you somehow attempt to join humans into one entity, you get Facebook, which is a collective idiot joined on the lowest common denominator. It doesn’t in any point even reach the value of the spiritually most powerful individual in that group. If that was Sanat Kumara’s intent, it is worthless. Mankind can increase physical power exponentially over an individual human power. It can increase knowledge of the physical world exponentially. However, its efforts are all spiritually worthless and harmful, and the net result is spiritual degradation. I’ve been digging through everything Sanat Kumara created here and I’m yet to find a single good thing. Everything I found was just one abomination and tragedy after another, and evidence of unspeakable evils. Every single attempt to suppress the individual for the sake of some “greater good” invariably results in evil.