Incels and cat ladies

I’ve seen women online scornfully refer to men who criticize them as “incel”, which is an abbreviation for “involuntary celibate”, essentially someone who wants to have sex but nobody wants him. And it always looks like this: “I’m a super hot feminist progressive slut in my 20s and I can have all the sex I want, and the guys who call me a slut are incels living in their mom’s basement”. The moment I read this my mental time lapse video fast-forwards ten years into the future, when the slut in question says something in the order of “I’m a woman in my 30s and I just can’t find a right man to settle. Where have all the good men gone? Also, I have a problem with my cats, they are peeing in my bed, does anyone know how to train them not to?”

Yeah. Apparently there was some survey indicating that women think 80% of men to be below average, which essentially means that 100% of women will compete for 20% of men. I would actually say it’s worse: 80% of women will compete for the top 1% of men, and those most attractive men will essentially go through women taking their pick, and changing them for a newer model every few months or years like they do cars, and it will be very easy for women to have sex, but almost impossible to form a long-term relationship with the men they target. Of course they won’t even think about marrying someone whom they consider “beneath them”, and so you have the stereotypical situation from the paragraph above, with girls in their 20s thinking they are on top of the world because everybody wants to fuck them and they think it gives them a sense of power, and in their 30s they start understanding that reality doesn’t really conform to their understanding thereof. They had their feminist educators fill their heads with nonsense and now they think they have the “progressive” version of everything, and it’s quite easy to stimulate the young people’s natural narcissism. If someone told them to never have sex outside a meaningful relationship, marry in their 20s, and make their husband their top priority in life, they’d call him an old backward conservative. However, when things go south, they’ll blame men, blame society, blame everything except their progressive feminism, because they think they got everything nailed just right, it’s just that this reality thing is a bitch and doesn’t conform to their ideology, so they need to go change the world a bit more, perfect and wonderful as they are.

If anything, cats find them quite useful.