Land of confusion

I am apparently now old enough to start my writing with “you young people might not remember this, … “, and there is indeed something I want to bring up to your attention. There was a music video in the 1980’s, a leftist progressive political commentary of the day, where Ronald Reagan was seen as a senile unhinged old man who is out of touch with the realities of the world as the young generation perceives it, and they are worried the crazy old guy is going to destroy their world, either deliberately or, more likely, by accident.

Watch it carefully. Observe how the same pattern repeats today with Trump. The leftists think they are so smart. They think they understand things. They think they are the ones who will take care of the world the best, so we would all be wise to leave it up to them. The right-wing, anti-communist, rabidly pro-American conservative in power will ruin everything. They are concerned. They are scared. Something needs to be done. And it wasn’t just this video, this was the zeitgeist.

Next scene, in real life, this same Ronald Reagan, who was portrayed in this video as a bumbling senile old man completely out of touch with the realities of the world (notice the similarity?) ended the cold war and came to an agreement with Mikhail Gorbachev.

The right-wing politicians who were the targets of the “spitting image” mockery, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, actually saved the world, and the “progressive” leftists were the ones completely out of touch with the realities of the world.

I am old enough to have followed all this in the newspapers and on TV as it was happening. That’s why I recognized the pattern with Trump so immediately.

The difference is that nobody in the 1980’s even thought of accusing Reagan of being a stooge of the Kremlin, Andropov’s man in the White House. This is what gave Reagan the option of extending a friendly hand to Kremlin and negotiating a peace. This is the thing that actually saved the world.

What we have now is the situation where this option is denied to the President by virtually all political forces. If he attempts to broker a peace, accusations of treachery will be rekindled with increased force. Only conflict is acceptable. Only war is a patriotic option.

Which means America is firmly on the collision course. Everything else is in a state of flux.

The Mueller report

So, the report being released, what did we learn?

Me, not much, since I already explained the state of affairs much earlier. Others, perhaps, learned what it takes for a free country to turn into a dystopian hellhole – hire Marxists to teach your children at schools and universities. Wait a couple of decades for the kids to grow up and build careers in media and politics. Put trust in media that feeds on scandal in order to attract attention to ads. Have your intelligence agencies control the media in order to propagandise the populace.

If you think anything will change now, I have real estate on the Moon to sell you. You see, they absolved Trump of guilt, but nobody really told the Americans, and the Europeans for that matter, that they have also been fed a diet of lies about Russia for the past few years. The Russians are still vilified, they are still lied about, and they are still under sanctions. Being in favor of war with Russia has been the criterion of political correctness in America, because if you were sane, you were suspected of working for Putin. Which, when you look at it that way, kind of makes sense, since the sane people all over the world assembled around Putin, who is essentially the only leader of a country who will tell you what he thinks and intends to do, and then actually do it. That’s why the Americans see him as a total enigma. Apparently, the truth is currently the best way to conceal, because nobody will be able to see it.

Trump is very good for the world, because in his own way, he reveals the naked truth. He wants America to be first, and he makes clear what that means: America is going to dictate the terms, and everybody else will accept those terms, or be punished. If America doesn’t win, it means that the terms were not fair and need to be re-negotiated so that this injustice is remedied. Also, apparently it is dangerous for America if China is to control the China sea. This means freedom and democracy have to be brought to that part of the world, so that America controls the China sea. Then all will be well.

We also learned that America is trying to introduce democracy in yet another country, by proclaiming some guy who didn’t even run in the elections to be the legitimate president, and the guy who won the elections to be illegitimate. All the democratic allies of America instantly repeated this phrase in unison. If this teaches you something new about the way America sees democracy and what it means to be America’s ally, it means you haven’t been paying attention for the last few decades, but better now than never, right?

We also learned that the most American of all American presidents since Reagan was attacked in the exact same way Reagan was attacked by the media; both were characterised as stupid and reckless cowboys who were going to cause a nuclear war. It’s interesting how all Republican presidents get to be stupid buffoons, and all Democratic presidents get to be charming and intelligent. At least that’s how the media portrays them. It’s also interesting how when a Republican president tried to spy on the Democrats, it was the biggest scandal of the modern political history, known as Watergate, but when the Democrats paid some nefarious character to fabricate a dossier about Trump which was used as justification by the Democratic president to spy on the Republican presidential campaign, nothing was made of it. In fact, the victim of the scandal is universally portrayed as the villain, and the guy who explained us all the dangers of Iraqi WMD’s was charged with making a very long investigation in order to find out the truth, so that all the fake charges would be given legitimacy during that process, and the President would be reduced to a lame duck that can only quack out more sanctions against Russia, but everybody sees that, in his heart, he only truly quacks for Putin.

As for myself, I will keep watching the Russian media for information, and Western media for clues about the true intent of their puppet masters in Langley.