The main headline on RT is “Dmitry Suslov: It’s time for Russia to drop a nuclear bomb“.

The fact that it’s there and it’s the main article means that the Russian government is probing the public for reactions. Well, my opinion is that a demonstration, in a sense of a nuclear test, would be utterly pointless, because the point in contention isn’t whether the Russians have nuclear weapons or not, or whether nuclear weapons are dangerous or not, but whether Russia is willing to actually use nuclear weapons against their enemies in order to deter further encroachments on their sovereignty and integrity. They can’t just nuke the polygon in Novaya Zemlya or some similar wasteland, they need to hit several NATO bases – not just one – and they need to show that they are not afraid of the loss of life and possible escalation, because any such fears have been and will be used against them. They can no longer appeal to the opponent’s abstract reasoning skills, or a sense of logic. They need to inflict mortal fear, and appeal to naked and immediate terror.

Serious developments

Two days ago, the Ukrainians (read: the Americans) performed a successful drone attack that damaged the Voronezh radar station in Russian Krasnodar.

This radar is part of the nuclear early warning systems. An attack to nuclear early warning systems is something that would traditionally precede a sneak first strike, and as such is taken extremely seriously. This is absolutely not something Ukrainians would have done on their own, because it makes no sense in context of the Ukraine war theatre. This is something unprecedented and extremely serious, basically comparable to a special force diversionary attack on nuclear silos with the goal of disabling the ICBMs.

This never happened before, and in traditional nuclear doctrine this would have a very serious answer – raise the readiness level of the nuclear forces to the equivalent of DEFCON 2, and launch if any redundant radar or satellite detection systems are compromised. Also, the answer to this would traditionally be destruction of the American radar stations in Poland, Romania and so on, that are a part of the nuclear war toolkit.

I cannot overstate the seriousness of this. We are in the initial phase of a nuclear war between NATO and the Russian Federation.

So far, the fact that the Russians kept this under wraps means that the thing is too serious for politics and news, and they didn’t want to paint themselves into a corner in ways that would mandate an instant nuclear strike.

Update 27-5-2024: Yesterday another Voronezh radar station, this time in Orenburg, was hit. There is no indication of the level of the actual damage to the station in question, which probably means that there was little to none, but the intent itself creates a pattern.

Update 29-5-2024: Third attack, Voronezh station in Krasnodar again.


Russia is advancing rapidly in the Kharkov direction. The Ukrainians are trying to re-route troops from other fronts in order to stop them, with the effect of losing in other places and getting the troops killed en-route. I also noticed passive-aggressive behaviour of the Ukrainians in Kharkov and other places towards the fascists in power – basically, they are waiting for the Russians to come and for this terrible Ukrainian experiment to end.

The Russians shot down multiple HARM rockets in the last few days; analysis: the Americans and the British are trying to destroy enough air defence systems on the Belgorod path for cruise missiles to go through and hit some soft high-visibility target in Russia, in order to score some kind of a propaganda victory or whatever. This is going to trigger a pre-authorised response by Russia, and it might even be nuclear.

Essentially, the Russians are doing quite well, Ukraine is coming to an end, and the Americans have a choice to either give up or double down. All indications point towards them doubling down.

Status analysis

Things in Ukraine are developing more-less according to my expectations, albeit more slowly. In essence, Putin wanted to get the elections behind him, so that he has a clear mandate and the political issues don’t interfere with the military matters. The army also wanted to wait until the rasputica ended, so that the tanks can move across the ground without sinking into the mud. Until then, they basically just increased pressure on the front line, grinding the Ukrainians down, so that they’ll have less men and equipment to fight with once the true offensive starts. Now that those conditions have been satisfied, they are apparently mopping things up, because prolonging this mess serves no useful purpose at this point. The Russian army is very successfully advancing toward Kharkov from the north, and at the same time crushing the fortifications at Chasov Yar and other places. The Ukrainians usually deal with such things by moving the units from one place to another, but now this isn’t going to work since the Russians are applying pressure at several places at once, and all of them are already crumbling, so there are really no more options for Ukraine. They lost too many soldiers by throwing them into meat grinders, defending indefensible spots, essentially repeating Hitler’s mistakes at Stalingrad that cost him the war. Those can now no longer be replaced with fresh units and the entire structure is crumbling. Also, the West doesn’t have the economic and industrial power that could match Russia’s, they depleted their weapons stockpiles and this phase of the war is done.

So, what can NATO do next? There are several options. The first is to concede that this war is lost and Russia won. This option is unlikely, but not impossible. The second option is to try to win this by committing NATO troops to the fight. This is also very unlikely, simply because they don’t have enough men and equipment to defend the current front line, let alone push back the Russians. The third option is what I anticipated before, and I still think it’s most likely – they will enter Ukraine and try to defend certain strategic points they wish to keep at all cost, such as Odessa, and thus, at least in their minds, deter the Russians from trying to take those areas. However, the Russians already told them that such an attempt will initiate a tactical nuclear response, and not in Ukraine, but at the targets in the offending countries. This means that, far from such an attempt deterring the Russians from advancing, it will be seen as a direct attack on Russia and will trigger extreme escalation.

The Russian threats have been serious enough to have triggered immediate re-considerations in the West, and this process of figuring out what to do next is ongoing. The Russian posture reveals that they are seriously done with this shit, and whoever wants to fuck around, will immediately find out. This is in stark contrast with their normal diplomatic and conciliatory approach, which apparently took a course until the Russian pool of good will was exhausted, and now they are taking off the gloves with the West.

Unfortunately, the idiots that run the West will eventually conclude that “Putin is bluffing”, because that follows from the kind of dogmatic and predictable thinking that gets stupid and incompetent arselickers promoted. “Putin is bluffing, he’s a dictator, Russia is weak, we need to show strength” and other inane drivel will eventually inform the decision, leading to a Russian response that will be nastier than anything we’ve ever seen, because the Russians have seen that the restrained approach isn’t working with those idiots, because they interpret restraint as weakness and proceed to escalate.

As for the rest of the world, meaning primarily China, this thing took long enough to show without any doubt that nothing can be done with the West peacefully, and a strong military solution remains as the only option, and they will unconditionally back Russia now.

Fear of American economic retaliation is still strong, but since Russia managed to do just fine, China will eventually come to terms with the fact that it will just have to lose all the money it has in US bonds and dollars, because America has already threatened them with consequences if they continue with their gold-pumping system. China is now reconsidering their approach, but I don’t expect it to take long before they make their decision. Essentially, they will decide that they have to pull the band-aid off, absorb the loss and be done with it.

RF: Tactical nuclear drill

I found this article this morning:

Russia will test its ability to deploy tactical nuclear weapons, the Defense Ministry announced on Monday. The drill will be conducted “in the near future” and was ordered by President Vladimir Putin, the statement said.

Missile forces of the Southern Military District will be directly involved in the exercise. It will also require the participation of military aircraft and the Russian Navy, the ministry said.

The goal of the exercise is to iron out “the practical aspects of the preparation and deployment of non-strategic nuclear weapons,” it added.

The military cited “provocative statements and threats against Russia by certain Western officials” as the reason for the drill. The troops will confirm that they can “ensure unconditional territorial integrity and sovereignty” of the nation, it added.

This is pretty much unprecedented, because Putin until now refused to even acknowledge the concept of tactical nuclear weapons, and claimed that any use of nuclear weapons will trigger inevitable escalation that will result in global annihilation.
This is obviously a “non-threat”, essentially a message to “someone” that they are about to cross a very thick red line and if they do not rescind, the response will be a counterforce nuclear attack.

That’s the first part of the message. The second part will be visible when we see the rockets used in the exercise; if they use stuff with cca 400km range, that means the response will be regional, within the Ukrainian theatre. If they use 1500+ km rockets, it means the response will be across the Europe.

So far, Dmitry Medvedev made his own statement, very harshly stating that the nuclear response will be targeting the offending countries themselves, outside of the Ukrainian theatre. However, he is somewhat prone to hyperbole so I would wait for the weapons demonstration before formulating opinion about the intent.

Choir of the irresponsible

The number of scoundrels among the Western political elite calling for sending their troops to a non-existent country is expanding. Now it includes representatives of the US Congress, French and British leadership, and individual madmen from the Baltic states and Poland. They also call for the active use of their missile weapons, which they supplied to Bandera’s supporters, throughout Russia.
And this is not a spring aggravation, but a cynical calculation for political dividends. There is some kind of total degradation of the ruling class in the West. This class really does not want to logically connect elementary things. Sending your troops to the territory of b. Ukraine will entail the direct entry of their countries into the war, to which we will have to respond. And, alas, not in the territory of b. Ukraine.

In this case, none of them will be able to hide either on Capitol Hill, or in the Elysee Palace, or on Downing Street 10. A world catastrophe will come.
By the way, Kennedy and Khrushchev were able to understand this more than 60 years ago. But the current infantile morons who have seized power in the West do not want to understand.

And that is why today the General Staff began preparations for the exercises, including activities for practical testing of the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons.

New developments:

Russia issues military ultimatum to UK

Moscow will retaliate against British targets in Ukraine or elsewhere if Kiev uses UK-provided missiles to strike Russian territory, the Foreign Ministry told London’s ambassador on Monday.

Ambassador Nigel Casey was summoned to the ministry following remarks by British Foreign Secretary David Cameron to Reuters that Ukraine has the right to use long-range missiles sent by the UK to strike deep inside Russia.

Casey was warned that the response to Ukrainian strikes using British weapons on Russian territory could be any British military facilities and equipment on the territory of Ukraine and beyond,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement following the meeting.

The US and its allies had previously qualified their deliveries of long-range weapons to Kiev by saying they could only be used on territories that Ukraine claims as its own – Crimea, the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Cameron’s statements to the contrary “de facto recognized his country as a party to the conflict.”

Russia understands Cameron’s comments as “evidence of a serious escalation and confirmation of London’s increasing involvement in military operations on the side of Kiev,” the ministry added.

Casey was urged to “think about the inevitable catastrophic consequences of such hostile steps from London and to immediately refute in the most decisive and unequivocal manner the bellicose provocative statements of the head of the Foreign Office.”