Why I don’t write

Why I don’t comment on the current political situation?

The Muslims are killing people around Europe. They are attempting rapes here, in Zagreb, Croatia, almost on a daily basis, because someone apparently imported the motherfuckers from Afghanistan.

If I wrote what I actually think should happen, I’d end up in jail, because everything constructive that ought to be done is against some law or another. So, I’ll write nothing, but you can read between the lines.

In America, the communists are taking over the streets, and the right-wing countermeasures are timid and weak. That’s logical and is to be expected, because the right-wing people have jobs and families, and better things to do. The communists, however, are either students or on welfare, so that’s why they don’t see the relationship between constructive effort and money, which is also why communism makes sense to them, because they think money grows on some tree and someone just happened to get more instead of them, which isn’t fair. So, basically, the politicians get to think that the communists are more worth appeasing because there’s more of them on the streets, however the right-wing people with jobs pay most of the taxes, so this appearance is deceptive.

Also, there’s been much talk about alt-right, extreme right, Nazis and what not. First of all, the Nazis are not even on the right spectrum. The right spectrum are the laissez-faire people who have their own business to run, and they expect the state to handle defense, laws, courts and police, and fuck off regarding everything else. They don’t need policing because they believe in God, so they are self-disciplined. They believe God is the source of all law and morality, and will punish transgressors in afterlife. They believe their duty is to take care of their community and to rely on personal relationships in times of hardship. Basically, they don’t give a single fuck about the state. The left spectrum are the people who see the state as a God-substitute, which should do everything that “ought to” be done. They imagine some ideal world where everybody is equal, nobody is sick or hungry or poor, and they see it as the duty of the state to make sure that laws are passed and enforced that make this a reality. This in turn increases the power of the state, which is funded by either taxation, foreign debt or selling natural resources. As the state needs to enforce things, there is more policing, which turns it into a police state. The left-wingers can be either internationalists, or nationalists. The nationalist socialists are the ones who took power in the pre-WW2 Germany, and were later called “Nazis” in shorthand, but their true name is NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which translates to “national-socialist German workers’ party”. Yes, they were the extreme left-wing. The theory about Nazis being right-wing is invented by the international socialists, who didn’t like the idea of Nazis being recognized as merely one of the murderous off-shoots of Marxism. Also, that’s why the name is abbreviated to “Nazi”, which doesn’t mean anything significant and is merely a label. However, considering their common love of violence and totalitarianism, one would be hard pressed to see any difference between them. So, basically, both the communists and the Nazis are in fact the extreme left of the political spectrum. The extreme right of the political spectrum are the Amish, the religious people who see the state as a false God, who don’t want anything to do with it, don’t respect the authority of state’s laws, and are completely self-reliant. In this spectrum, I’m closer to the extreme right than to the center. I see the state as a good defense against other states, but other than that, I don’t give much fuck about it whatsoever. Essentially, I give Caesar what is Caesar’s, and then I tell him to fuck off because I have better things to do with my life. It is my opinion that if you have to rely on the state in any way, you’re fucked. Also, I don’t believe in human rights. I believe in human duties, and in privileges that come from performing one’s duties.

America is in the beginning stages of a civil war, and the evil side has everything on its side but time, because it is running out of money. This means I expect them to cook up some very bad shit in order to use their power while it’s still here, in order to prevent any course that would render them powerless. Both the internal strife and the foreign conflicts with Russia and China seem to be cooked up by the same people. It’s not going to hell as fast as I expected it to, but none of the events that took place surprised me.

Europe is fucked. The “liberation” of women and huge taxation reduced natality to sub-replacement levels, because basically people either can’t afford to have children or don’t have time for it because women “have to” work. The Muslim immigrants don’t have such problems – they are all on welfare and their women have nothing to do but give birth and raise children. In order to finance those children, the domicile population is taxed more heavily, so they can afford to have children even less. After a few decades of this, the domicile population started to die out and the politicians agreed to simply import a replacement population for Europe from various shitholes. This makes sense to them because they convinced themselves and the entire population that all people are the same and are mutually interchangeable. If one thinks they are not, he’s called a Nazi and ostracized. The obvious end-result will be a huge slaughterhouse in Europe, which I don’t intend to either witness or survive, because fuck that shit.

Is all of this avoidable? I guess that depends on what you mean. If you mean, is it possible to have a business-as-usual continuation of existence in the West, with our normal way of life, the answer is, no, the probability of that is exceedingly low. We had a good run, but our civilization is about to end and be replaced by abject savagery. The causes of our civilization’s downfall are intrinsic; it will fall because it its own inherent flaws. It will fall because of egalitarianism, idealism, human rights and democracy, and it will fall because it neglected rationality, objectivity, meritocracy, tradition, and, above else, because it abandoned God. I see the optimism of the YouTube right-wing commentators, but I don’t share it. If this civilization is to survive, it first needs to change so radically, it will not be the same regardless. Furthermore, I see the need for it to fail, because it was built on false foundations, and the very idea that it could last is an illusion.