How to start a nuclear war

I was thinking about the dual-purpose strategies I started to talk about in the comment section of the previous article:

However, one of my underlying assumptions is that any “Armageddon plan”, even by a ruling clique in the USA, would have to be presented in such a way that it passes scrutiny by the military people who have to implement it, and they would outright refuse to comply with plans that are obviously insane. This means that a plan for nuclear war would necessarily need to be devised in non-obvious ways, for instance working with unrealistic assumptions about the Russian leadership and their expected response to something, and presenting plans as non-escalatory, stabilizing and non-nuclear, which will be approved and implemented by the Pentagon, but a combination of intentionally invalid premises and additional factors (for instance, have plans designed with several components, where the military knows of one, the CIA knows of the other, the Brits know of something else, and only the few masterminds have the whole picture) can create a two-component explosive, where each component can be inspected and found harmless, and their combination creates the blast.

This made me think along the lines of “how do you start a nuclear war by pretending to do something else”. Let’s create a scenario from the position of a powerful group inside America, or in control of America; could be an unknown combination of people in intelligence agencies, Pentagon and billionaires with agendas for the world.

The first thing you need to to is plant a picture into everybody’s mind that their geostrategic rivals are some kind of evil, Nazi-like force, which cannot possibly ever have a good agenda, needs to be opposed at every turn, everything they do is evil (if it’s not evil, it’s for propaganda purposes so it’s evil), and their leader is a Hitler-like character. This will put everybody who tries to exercise diplomacy, make a compromise or even talk to the opposite side in a ridiculous position where they are portrayed as people so stupid they would talk to Hitler, not understanding you can’t talk to “those people”. So, basically, step one if you want to start a nuclear war is to not only stop talking to the other side, but present this as an act of treason and/or disqualifying idiocy. This first step is not perceived as fatal by your side, and it even makes them feel good because they are on the right side of history and the good guys always win.

The second thing you need to do is create a serious geostrategic threat to your opponent, and draw a line in the sand guaranteeing fatal escalation of conflict if they do anything logical and expected about it. Normally, this would be the stupidest thing one could do, but if you did your homework with the first step, even your “insiders” have been propagandised to perceive the opposite side as inherently evil and nefarious, so making “strategic defensive precautions”, such as positioning advanced weapon systems on the adversary’s borders and regime-changing countries that were normally on friendly terms with the adversary, can be sold as something you are perfectly justified in doing if you want to protect yourself from some kind of an aggressive evil empire. Nobody who’s been sold the propaganda from the first step will even think from the position of “how does this look to the other side”. Of course, the other side perceives that you are pursuing an aggressive policy that threatens their security and prosperity, and potentially even existence. As is expected from a reasonable self-serving entity, they try to politely talk about it, but if the propaganda from the first step was successful, all their attempts are rebuffed and they are always put in some sort of a humiliating position if they even try to talk to you and resolve things. Eventually you destroy all normal diplomatic channels and anger the opponent to the point where they feel they have nothing to gain by talking to you, and they must prepare for war.

The third thing you have to do is create a scenario that will seemingly confirm all your propaganda from step 1. Propaganda is all nice and well, but if your adversary is a peaceful country minding its own business it’s very hard to rile people up against them. You need to provoke them by endangering them, and forcing them to defend their interests, and then spin this as an aggressive act that proves all your propaganda. Regime-changing a friendly ally of theirs into a Nazi shithole of murder and money laundering, where killing the adversary’s nationals is seen as a national sport will probably do the trick. It’s important to spin this as promoting democracy or some other politically correct thing, and never report what’s actually going on there; it must seem that the adversary’s defensive action came out of the blue and is some kind of a hitlerite aggression that must be immediately opposed by war, because you just can’t talk to Hitler.

When your adversary actually acts aggressively to defend themselves, try to fuck with them in ways that will formally obscure your participation, so that if they do the logical thing and attack you, because you’re the one who’s actually cooking it all up against them, it will seem as if it’s another unprovoked attack, a Pearl Harbour moment, and draw “red lines” on basically everything – sink my aircraft carrier, it’s nuclear war. Shoot down the satellites I’m using to guide weapons and drones at your forces, it’s nuclear war. Shoot my command centers, it’s nuclear war. Shoot at any infrastructure I’m using to wage war against you, it’s nuclear war. Shoot at my allies I’m using to wage war against you, it’s nuclear war. If that doesn’t work (because either the trap is obvious or your adversary is incredibly disinclined to escalate in any way due to their peaceful nature), state that a chemical attack or a dirty bomb will cross the line, and then do the false flag attack yourself so that you can “retaliate”. When you “retaliate”, do it in the most provocative way possible, that is guaranteed to cause total nuclear retaliatory strike in response – strike at their presidential residence, or the defense ministry, in a decapitation strike.

If you follow all the steps diligently, you can pull off killing everybody while keeping your virtuous posture intact.

Thoughts and predictions

Let me write down some of my thoughts on what’s going on in the war.

Ukraine has almost no army left. This conjecture is based on the increasing reports that everything but the untrained cannon fodder there are the NATO people playing dress-up, the way Russians dressed up as “little green men” in Crimea or Croatian army dressed up as the HVO (Herzegovina Croat paramilitary troops) when they went across the border in 1995 to crush the Serbs. Also, Ukraine has basically no original Ukrainian equipment left, and the NATO stuff is all centrally controlled over satellites and manned by trained NATO personnel. Basically, NATO troops are the glue binding the broken up Ukrainian military, and as time goes on there is increasingly more glue and less Ukraine.

The level of conflict is such that the NATO countries basically ran out of spare weaponry, and since their industries are incapable of producing quantities required for a real war (it’s all tuned for peacetime servicing and replacement of existing small quantities of stuff, and also military industry doesn’t work that well without oil, gas and electricity) they are now in a position where they are forced to deplete their own defensive capabilities if they want to continue with this war, and America/UK is not allowing any alternative to be heard.

There was some fuss here in Croatia about whether we should train Ukrainians here or not. I think this is only a fig leaf; Ukraine has no men to be trained. What is likely going on is that America is forcing subservient countries, like Croatia, to dress up their quota of troops as Ukrainans and send them to the Ukrainian front, weapons and all. When the extent of this is revealed, all hell will break loose, and there must already be a plan for NATO to openly enter the war at that point, so that the foreign troops can switch to their own uniforms, with puppet parliaments voting for their respective satrapies’ “voluntary” participation in the war. There are reports that the Russians already hear huge amount of radio chatter in Ukraine in foreign languages, so they have a pretty good idea what’s going on. I heard analyses stating that 40-80% of people fighting on the Ukrainian side at the moment are foreign NATO troops, depending on the region. I can’t confirm those numbers, but considering the reports of 5000 Poles being hit in the Ukrainian barracks, I would not be surprised.

The Russians still didn’t introduce the new recruits to the front line, but it is expected to happen when the soil in Ukraine freezes; autumn mud doesn’t favour movements of heavy equipment across vast swathes of terrain.

The Americans expect the Russians to go in for real, and seem to be making preparations that have to work with the assumption that the Russians will crush everything in their path and intend to actually keep everything they liberate this time, because the Bucha-like incidents where the Russians go in, the locals see them as liberators and help them, the Russians withdraw and the Ukrainian “special forces” then go in and kill all the “collaborators”, are currently seen as completely unacceptable by the Russian people. The Ukrops did the killing, but the Russian people see those who gave the order to withdraw as responsible. This shit will not be happening again. Next time Russia goes in, it stays forever. The corollary of this is that the Russians won’t enter the places where the population is not Russian – they don’t care to have a significant percentage of Ukrops on territory under their control, but they can also not allow the Ukrops to continue functioning in the un-liberated parts of Ukraine, which explains the infrastructure bombardment. I would assume that the Americans expect the Russians to take the entire Eastern Ukraine, and the Kiev regime to either collapse entirely, or be replaced by the Russians as something that governs the Central and Western Ukraine, but is not Russia proper. This will be the point where America could either accept defeat, or double down and go into the Western Ukraine with open NATO occupation (ahem, “brotherly assistance”) and the NATO-Russia front line will be established somewhere along the lines of the Dniepr river. Also, I would expect that the Americans will enter Moldova through Romania, and try to wipe out the Russian army detachment in Transnistria, and then proceed to Odessa to prevent the Russians from taking it, or, at least, prevent the Russians from joining with Transnistria. I would also expect the Americans to try and open up a second front somewhere around Belarus, forcing the Russians to commit significant forces there, and having to choose between abandoning their Belarusian ally and splitting their forces, thus relieving pressure from the Eastern front. This, however, will only make it more likely for the Russians to decide that they need to take the entire Ukraine, purge it of fascists and Western influences, and park their tanks on the Polish border.

What I see as likely when the Russians go in, is that the Ukrainian supposed allies, meaning the Poles above all, will see this as an opportunity to re-take the parts of Ukraine that they see as their historical lands, by basically going in with their army to “help” Ukraine, and never leave. When this happens, the Romanians, Hungarians and what not will also go into the fray and try to re-take their historical lands, and this might spell the end of Moldova as a state, by the way. The Americans must see this, and I would expect that the purpose of their 101st Airborne currently located in Romania might be not so much to stop the Russians (they are far too weak for this), but to constrain the territorial ambitions of their East European allies, or at least to remain in control of the process and be able to impose the desired political outcomes, because this could end up causing a very real intra-NATO territorial conflict, making NATO defunct.

In any case, I don’t see continued existence of Ukraine in any known form past this winter. However, so many things are in the works, and so many global systems are forced past their balance points, that we can expect cascade collapse of social, economic, political et al. systems, with unpredictable consequences, because we are dealing with chaos, and in chaotic systems predictions are a pastime of fools.

Garbage smoothy

I’ll write a few things down as I think of them.

I’ve been thinking, from time to time, about my mistakes in the early 2000s, when I wrote commentary on the scriptures and thought that the best thing I could possibly do is to push the absolute limits of my spiritual perception and understanding, in order to be able to write things down – the exact yoga techniques to be used, the exact levels of purity required for certain things, and so on. This was such an incredibly naive and autistic view of things, I cringe every time I think of it. That would have been absolutely useless, and it reflected only my own desire to do the absolute maximum while I’m incarnated – touch the utmost limits, write it all down in form of manuals for the future generations of yogis, convey my knowledge to students who will establish a living tradition, so that I would check every possible box and God would let me out on good behaviour. 🙂 Occasionally, reality would snap me out of it; for instance, I used to say some of it out loud in front of one of the students, how I would like to have a yacht in order to be able to go to some completely desolate rock at sea, where I would be as far away from humans as possible in order to be able to do things that require long, uninterrupted streams of consciousness; it’s hard for me to even describe how those things work because of the limitations of language. Basically, imagine striking and keeping a single “note” of energy/emotion/consciousness, very narrow in “frequency”, the way a laser or LED light of a single wavelength is in the spectrum of light, observing what exactly it does in the energy system, how to cause it, how to remove impurities, how to maintain it, how to turn it into something else, and how to extinguish it. The guy I talked to (actually talked to myself with him around, apparently) concluded that this is certain evidence that I’m spiritually fallen because why would anyone want a yacht if not for hookers and cocaine. It sounds funny as hell now, in a sense where you can imagine a mathematician talking about fields and trees to a farmer, who keeps trying to understand what fields this guy is ploughing and what kind of trees he’s growing, but I didn’t find it funny then – I didn’t find it anything, in fact. My reaction was a blank lack of understanding, a total disconnect between what I thought their problems were and how I can help them overcome them, and what their problems actually were and how they understand the world around them. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad, mind you. I think it’s actually good that people are confronted with someone who exists in a way so different from them, it pulls them out of what they think is reality and what they think is “normal”, because you can’t really guide one gradually from one to another by explaining it “in their language”. You can’t explain yoga to a whore using her “language” of pimps, drug dealers and “clients”. You need to snap them out of their world and show them that “their world” is basically a form of madness and garbage unworthy of attention. The problem is, if it doesn’t work, the whore will think pranayama and vipassana are some forms of kinky sex from Kama Sutra, and conclude you want to fuck her for free, and I would guess that this, oversimplified as it might be, is in fact close enough to the root cause of the issues arising when a very real guru is trying to teach what is usually described as “normal people”. A “normal person”, from a position of a yogi, is caught in a whirlpool of insane delusion and attachment, completely ignorant of all reality, with consciousness that looks like content of a garbage can mixed in a blender. From a position of a “normal person”, a yogi’s motivations are completely incomprehensible, and they keep trying to translate his words into their language of hooker-drug dealer-pimp-cocaine-blowjob-get paid-buy drugs. The difference between a really fucked up human and a human that is so good they are a potential student candidate is, basically, in how long the garbage was left in the sun before it was put in a blender. That, I think, would be hardest for people to understand – that I didn’t really think that my students were anything special; I thought I could basically take anyone who wants to listen, show them the direction and the technique, and if they practiced it enough, things would start happening that would basically lead them towards enlightenment, one step at a time, where after a few steps your position is quite different from anything conceivable at the starting point. Also, I didn’t care if what they thought and felt is “true”; I only cared about the energy frequency and intensity, and whether it’s pointed vertically or not. You see, people in general have very weird notions of what’s true, that basically assume their general picture of reality is valid, and if something deviates from it, it’s false. A yogi, however, knows that only God is real, everything else is comparable to some video game, that is to say it is a persistent, convincing illusion, humans are energetically trapped by investing energy within the illusion, and trying to feed off of diminished reflections of their own energetic investments, and it’s all insanity, it is all false. It doesn’t really matter whether you believe that the sky is blue or yellow; a yogi perceives your beliefs as either useful, if they can cause you to disentangle yourself from the illusion, or harmful, if they promote further entanglement. In a very real way, a yogi knows that God is true, everything else is falsehood and nonsense, and whether you believe in fairies or electrons, it’s all the same to him. If you believe in fairies, he’ll try to talk to you in terms of fairies, if you believe in physics he’ll improvise something in terms of quarks and protons, but what’s actually important to know is that a yogi doesn’t really believe in any of that nonsense, he’s just trying to speak to the patients of a lunatic asylum in some way that would influence their energy system in a positive way, and turn the garbage smoothy in their minds into a coherent-ecstatic energy flow.

I get flashbacks of this when I hear the Russians explaining their position, and then I hear the Americans and their vassals interpret that, translating Yoga Sutra into pimp-hooker language. It’s actually funny in a weird sort of a way.

Putin: “Stop trying to make a dirty bomb, it’s going to escalate into a nuclear war.”
Brandon: “If Putin doesn’t want nuclear war, why is he talking about it so much?”


A non-message

On Monday, NATO started a nuclear exercise in Europe. Russia did not formally respond.

However, today (Saturday) at least 10 Russian strategic bombers released a large number of cruise missiles, accompanied by launches of cruise missiles from sea-borne platforms. Those missiles hit targets in Ukraine.

The message, as I understand it, was that those missiles could as easily have continued their flight across the Western borders of Ukraine, and hit NATO bases in Europe. Had they been nuclear-tipped, all the NATO bases would have been destroyed in that single attack.

The underlined part of the “non-message” is, “fuck with us, and that’s what happens”.

Microwave injury

Tue 18 Oct 2022 I woke up with something that resembled a bad sinus headache with vertigo and weakness. It turned out that everybody I asked had similar symptoms, but I seemed to be hit the hardest. I concluded that those symptoms can have two most likely causes; one is a very strong, generic broad-band astral impact upon the pranic/physical boundary. The other likely cause is a very strong microwave source, because I experimented with microwaves of various frequencies and they vary from near-imperceptible to a very strong interference on the physical tissues that interface with the astral, and it’s very difficult to differentiate between the two because they strike at the same layer, but from opposite sides, and if the astral strike doesn’t carry information, only an energetic impact, the two would be indistinguishable. Today, Robin told me that he didn’t perceive anything in Australia at that time, and he would most certainly perceive an astral impact of this magnitude. If it were a microwave event, however, he wouldn’t perceive anything as microwaves don’t propagate well over the horizon, or through rock. This makes me put much greater Bayesian weight to the microwave option; most likely, a military radar was turned to high power mode somewhere in Europe, and quite possibly inside or close to Croatia, during the NATO nuclear exercises. It is not unreasonable to hypothesise that they turned the radars to high power mode which would have them detect small stealthy objects, such as a stealthy nuclear-tipped cruise missile, or see stealthy fighter-bombers at a greater than usual distance.

The problem with this is that this event left me with physical consequences similar to those of a strong concussion or a mild stroke, and it was strongly felt by a number of people who wouldn’t be expected to feel anything subtle so strongly. This implies that the power level of this thing was almost lethal to humans, leaving unknown levels of permanent damage, and is similar to the military high-power sonars that cause inner-ear bleeding in the whales and dolphins, and have them strand themselves and die.

The only way I know of that would protect one from such a microwave radiation event is to seek shelter inside an underground garage, basement or any similar facility where you would normally have no cellphone and wifi coverage, or inside a grounded Faraday’s cage. I have no such shelter here on Hvar so I was basically right in the open for this one.