Some fun

Having nothing more important to do, I’ve been learning the Nürburgring tourist track on the simulator.

The problem is, the pedals keep sliding on the floor, which does not contribute to accurate timing. 🙂 I drove the Audi this time instead of the BMW, they are very similar in almost everything, other than Audi wiggling and drifting a bit on the limit allowing you to save the situation sometimes, while the BMW just loses the tail and spins out.

Talking about the BMW, I repeated the same laptime with it:

I can’t seem to beat that time despite the fact that both cars could go faster; it’s just that I lose time on the mistakes that are partly due to the fact that the force of pressing the brake pedal actually moves the pedals on the floor and that messes everything up, and since I keep it close to the limit, imprecision during braking results in errors. The other cause of errors is me sucking. 🙂

OK, I think I memorized the track enough not to crash due to forgetting that bend; let’s speed this up:

And some fun in heavy fog:

My times are actually improving, even with the fog as a test of memory.

I actually shaved more than 10 seconds off my best time with the BMW:


A general warning was issued “from above” day before yesterday and yesterday. It’s a very simple message and I think everybody with astral sensitivity should be able to perceive and interpret it. It says, basically “prepare, it’s almost time”.

I’ve seen a lot of the astral plane in the last few weeks, and I’ve seen nothing there that would suggest rebuilding of the Earth, or any kind of future here. On the contrary, there were extensive preparations on the astral plane for the future *there*, so although it wasn’t explicitly stated, I don’t think the message meant “prepare in order to survive”, but “prepare to leave this place detached and with your affairs in order”.

Nevertheless, in case of the worst case scenario (that being more disasters that don’t actually kill us), I raised my family’s alert level from “yellow” (meaning, nothing is imminent but we need to maintain a state of readiness) to “red” (meaning, have everything ready in case we need to evacuate the building with backpacks).

Yeah, I’m a ray of sunshine. 🙂


Strong earthquake near Zagreb, epicenter about 1km north from me, 10km depth, 5.3+ on momentum tensor scale. No significant damage on my condo. No injuries. Woke up with shit falling and flying all over the place and plaster showering me from the ceiling. Fortunately, the structure is reinforced concrete and seems to have held up nicely.

Many aftershocks so far, one almost as strong as the original quake. The impacts are sharp, the damage is going to be significant on older structures.


Magnitude was revised upwards to 5.5 for the initial tremor, momentum tensor scale (Croatian seismologists are the source). Destructiveness in Zagreb was assessed as 8 on Mercali-Cancani-Sieberg scale (also Croatian seismologists as source; I would say it’s accurate). Location was revised to 750m south-west and 500m south-east from me, for the initial tremor and the main aftershock; it was basically right under me. Locations of the tremors indicate a new, previously unknown fault line parallel with Medvednica mountain, on the southern side. I got my information from the  website, and it’s actually accurate, unlike some info that comes from Croatian seismologists who are talking nonsense about Kašina fault line without actually bothering to look at the data.

Back to Zagreb

So, yes, as you can imagine, the weather can be described with a “repeat rain until snow;” loop, but it is what it is. 🙂


Just in case you were wondering about my lack of recent activity, I’m on a vacation with Biljana, basically trying to not do what I do for the most part of the year, which is stare at the screen and get stressed out over shit that’s going on and I have no control over.

It’s raining now so I’m writing this. As for other things, I keep buying silver, as I had the impression recently that the last train is about to leave the station. As for the politics, I try to read as little of that as possible now, as it just pisses me off and I can’t do anything about it in any case.