Issues with Islam

I’d like to explain what I find objectionable about Islam, since I frequently comment news articles on the subject.

First of all, it is forever frozen in time, by decree of its fundamental scripture, at the time of its creation. The culture of Mohammed’s Arabia, its ethics, philosophical and political views, social interactions etc. are codified into it in such a way that a Muslim community will always feel compelled to try and replicate the “ideal society” of the seventh century Arabia. This means that it is a force that will always oppose evolution of human society. Unless you think that 7th century Arabia is the ideal template for human society, you will understand why that might be a problem.

Second, I observe that the mental processes of the Muslims seem to conform to the intellectual simplicity and “angular thinking” of Qur’an and the Hadith. To be quite frank, I don’t think Mohammed was anywhere near +3 sigma in his own time, and having him and his thought processes forever frozen as the ideal intellectual and emotional template for all past, present and future Muslims is immensely harmful to the intellectual, emotional and sociological health of any community that takes him or his works seriously. If anything, I would personally place him somewhere around -2 sigma, in his own original community, meaning that he was vastly outnumbered by people much smarter, progressive and advanced in every way. Not to mention the small issue of mental health. However, even if he were +3 sigma in his time, codifying it as a template for all future generations would be like taking a +3 sigma Homo heidelbergensis and codifying him as a template for all future generations. Not the brightest thing to do.

Third, Islam is as much a civilization as it is a religion. Those things are not really separate in Islam, nor is it permissible to separate them, by design. The decree of Qur’an is primarily to impose submission to Allah and a social order of Islam, which literally means submission to Allah and his commandments. This means that the fundamental intent of Islam as a religion is to form an Islamic type of civilization, which makes it inherently unable to integrate into the framework of any other type of civilization.

Fourth, I don’t like Allah. This entity is defined in a way that is consistent with my understanding of what Satan is, what he needs, and what he does. Satan desires submission to himself above all things, and couldn’t care less about anything else, such as spiritual understanding, evolution and quality of other souls. The way Allah is defined is completely contrary to the way I understand God. According to my understanding, God is the fundamental reality, far deeper than the material Universe, and this reality is the fullness of realization, being, knowledge and fulfillment, and is the true source of everything that is good in all good things everywhere. Essentially, we feel beauty in things because of a glimpse of God. We feel fulfillment in knowledge because there is a glimpse of God. We seek joy because it is a glimpse of God. God is not worshiped, nor can he be found if he is seen and sought as a separate entity to be worshiped. God is present in vague and dispersed form in this world and in human existence, and those dispersed glimpses are to be sought and cherished in order to follow the Ariadne’s thread that they represent out of the labyrinth of this form of existence, into the deeper reality that underlies it. To reduce life to submission to a separate entity and its totalitarian code is sheer idiocy, it’s the essence of everything that one can do wrong. Islam is simply wrong, it is stupid and it should be rejected as the wrong approach to spirituality. In fact, there are Muslims who recognized that and tried to reform Islam from a Satanic cult that it is into a sophisticated, deeply spiritual thing called Sufism, but those reformists were rejected and often outright murdered by the main stream, orthodox Muslims.

I hope this is clear enough. Sure, the Muslims might feel the urge to murder me for saying it, but that is in their nature and it’s one of the main reasons why I am right and they are wrong.