Freedom of speech on the Internet

I have a serious problem with significant, massive Internet services being owned and controlled from a central point, be it government or a corporation.

Just take a look at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Paypal and, first and foremost, Google.

In order to figure out why that is a problem, let’s see what Internet is and how it works. On the bottom layer of the Internet you have the networking hardware. Then you have the central infrastructure of ICANN which defines top-level namespaces and the DNS system. Then you have servers that run services, and clients who connect to those services.

Now, in the good old days of the Internet, the services were standard: HTTP, NNTP, IRC, SMTP, POP3/IMAP, FTP and similar. Essentially, if you wanted to host a website, you needed to run a HTTP service on your web server and put files into the designated directory on the server, and everyone on the Internet could access it. If you wanted to write a blog, you put a blogging CMS into the webserver directory, install and configure the database, connect the blogging CMS to the database and you could write your blog. If you wanted to host a mail server, the process was similar – you installed a SMTP service which received mail on your domain, and a POP3/IMAP server which enabled users to access their mailbox on your domain. Those services were standard, worked the same everywhere, were accessible using standard clients.

Then came the services that offered to make things easier. You got things like Blogspot which made it easy for someone to write a blog – you just registered, chose a visual template and off you went. If you wanted to have a website, there were options that made it very easy, and ultimately most people decided all they need is a Facebook account. If you wanted a chat, you had ICQ and Skype and what not. If you wanted to host video clips, you had Vimeo and Youtube. Basically, the standard generic services that ran on any number of Internet servers were replaced by huge corporations that offered to do it all for you.

Now, what’s the problem with that? Why would we not have it easier if we can? Why would someone configure mysql database and apache webserver and wordpress blogging CMS in order to write a blog, if he can go to the Blogger service owned by Google and create a similarly-looking blog in seconds with zero effort? I’ll tell you why. Because if you host your content on some company’s web-based service, you are in a position where that company can essentially close the tap at any time. If you start writing something they don’t like, or something that will make some socially evil entity with lots of influence pissed off, they can complain to that company’s helpdesk and you’ll find your account suspended, and you’re basically silenced with a single click. On the other hand, if you host your content on a server you personally maintain, one would need to have something very serious, like a court order, in order to force the hosting center to suspend your service. You still can’t do anything criminal, but today you don’t need to do anything criminal in order to be silenced on the Internet. It suffices to have some social justice warrior complaining about you and you’re fucked. It won’t do them any good in a court of law, but they can suspend your Twitter or Blogger or Facebook account, because those accounts are hosted by companies that are publicly traded and their revenue is generated exclusively from advertising, and advertising revenue depends hugely on good public relations, which basically means yielding to pressure from lobbying groups and professional complainers.

What I find extremely worrisome is that huge parts of everybody’s online functionality are based around services provided by huge, centralized corporations that are hugely sensitive to pressure for more censorship, and we will unfortunately see more and more of this every day, because people will continue using what is easier and gives them good results with a minimum of effort, which will result in producing single-point control over their online functionality, forcing everyone to basically censor themselves and reduce variety in the mental space in which we all operate. Because, if you unconsciously censor yourself in order not to have your account suspended, and the rules for account suspension are generated at a non-democratic single-point (corporate management and public relations departments in Facebook and Google, for instance) which is vulnerable to pressure from minority focus-groups (the professional complainers and whiners), the logical result will be either people reducing their thoughts to an increasingly narrow space of political correctness, or doing what I did: taking things into their own hands and doing it the hard way, by hosting everything on their own server (which is very inexpensive to do these days) in order to be able to write whatever they want, and if someone doesn’t like it, he needs to actually take you to court in order to take your content down. And in order to take your content down by a court order, it isn’t enough that they don’t like it or that their feelings are hurt. It needs to be something that is actually illegal, like piracy or child porn or giving advice to terrorists on how to make bombs. It can’t be mere opinions you disagree with. The point of the freedom of speech is that the option to speak offensive opinions needs to be protected by all means. Freedom of saying only inoffensive things isn’t worth having; they had that in Stalinist Russia.

Certainly, if all you want to do online is post pictures of your cat and talk about coffee, then by all means use Facebook and Youtube. That is, until some focus group starts complaining that cats and coffee trigger their psychotic episodes and hurt their feelings about something, that white cats and black coffee are racist and your offensive content needs to be taken down in order to protect their right to be fucking idiots.

About labeling and common sense

I noticed a recurring pattern of totalitarian systems: they label the dissident thinkers with broad, poorly defined terms that have strong consequences. For instances, if the Nazis labeled you a degenerate, communist, Jewish or similar, you ended up dead or in a concentration camp. If the communists labeled you reactionary, counter-revolutionary, clerofascist or any of dozens of ideologically charged terms, you ended up in a political prison or dead; even the slightest hint of such designation would ruin one’s career. The ability of the ruling ideology to label someone with something that’s essentially vague, tenuous, serves the purpose of banning any form of thinking outside of the ideological boundaries of the ruling ideology, and has career-ending or life-ending consequences, is one of the main defining characteristics of a totalitarian regime.

It is usually said that our society enjoys freedom of speech, but this freedom is so narrow, it essentially adds up to freedom to say things everybody believes are true, things that are not offensive to anyone, things that will not incite any meaningful action to change things in the society in a way that is not approved by the people in power, and it’s getting worse by the day, because we are being routinely and systematically spied upon by the governments and the corporations; even on the Internet, censorship is rampant and widespread. People are being policed by the government, by the “internet thought police corporations” who ban the use of certain “incorrect” words, and they are policing themselves.

This last part is the worst aspect of living in a non-free society, because most people are so scared of being labeled, they are constantly policing themselves and are tiptoeing around the increasingly large minefield of ideological lunacy, while the “social justice warriors” are going crazy and are constantly inventing new terms for labeling the dissidents from their ideology, and the worst thing is, this gets passed as law.

Well, guess what. I’m inventing a new term. I’m a don’tgivefucktarian. I officially don’t give a fuck. I don’t care if I offend anyone, I don’t care if you like me or not, I don’t care how you label me. You can call me racist, Nazi, islamophobic, geriatrojuvenile, protozoic, or you can call me to tell me it’s raining. I don’t give a fuck about either you, or your opinions of me. I care whether your arguments are good and I will test them by assuming the opposite and arguing against them until they are either disproved or I run out of objections. If I want to see if the Nazis were right or wrong about something, I will explore this line of thought freely and argue for either or both sides until truth is established. If I want to see if the human races exist or not, whether they are equal or different, whether differences have practical consequences in some sphere or not, whether some consequence is genetic or social, I will research the facts and I will make up my own mind, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it by calling me a racist bigot. You can call me a penguin, for all I care. If you have a problem with that, you can go fuck yourself, you totalitarian piece of shit.

I usually have complex ideas that are not easily labeled or arranged into neat political drawers. For instance, I strongly dislike the feminists because I think they have all their basic facts wrong, and are trying to shout and scream and bully their opposition into silence and submission, and furthermore I think they are harming both men and women with their bullshit. They are making men self-destructive and they are making women weak, unhappy and locked into a perpetual state of victimhood. I can’t say that I object to that because I love women or men in general. I know enough of both to know that the majority are assholes I wouldn’t want to associate myself with, but I also have a very passionate dislike for evil ideologies that turn people into even worse assholes and lunatics than they normally are. For instance, if you want to turn an asshole into a super-asshole, convert him to Islam. Islam is one such ideology that turns everything it touches into shit, and in an ideal world it would not exist at all, and in this world it exists and every normal person should fight it. If you want to turn a woman into a weak, hysterical psychopath, make her a feminist. Let her blame circumstances or men or patriarchy or unicorns and barbies for her condition, instead of figuring out what is it that she wants and then doing what it takes to achieve that. Let her believe that being strong is to bitch and shout and play victim every time she doesn’t get her way. You teach someone to adopt such attitudes and voila, you turned her into a weak loser and a whiny passive-aggressive.

One of the most important things in life is to understand that you don’t have rights. You don’t even have the right to be alive. Being alive is merely a desirable consequence of your actions and favorable circumstances. If you think the state guarantees your right to life, think again. What the state does is guarantee that it will punish the one who kills you if they catch him. That doesn’t make you any less dead.

So basically the state doesn’t automatically make you theft-proof or rape-proof or murder-proof by the virtue of the fact that it will try to punish the one who mugs you, rapes you or kills you. It’s like those idiotic life-insurance ads on the billboards where they picture a child and say “some things need to be protected”, as if, you get life insurance for your child and it’s suddenly death-proof. No, you dumbass, your child doesn’t become death-proof, you simply get some amount of money if your child dies, or, if you insured yourself with your child as a beneficiary, it gets some money if you die.

Believing in the concept of human rights, and believing that the state is there to protect your rights, doesn’t make you safe or powerful or protected. It makes you a whiny loser and a victim.

Let me cite a real example of a woman I knew who came to me whining about some terrible thing that happened to her. She went out of town on a trip with a few guys who were planning to go out a hundred or so miles to the sea and than cross to a nearby island on a rubber dinghy. On the way there, they were drinking and smoking weed and were soon stoned out of their minds, and when they reached the sea shore the weather was seriously bad, and despite that they tried to get across to the island, and they almost sunk and died, it was a very close call; they were bailing out water all the way there. But wait, that’s not all, they did it again on the way back, and survived only by the closest of margins. And so she complained to me about her ordeal and probably expected sympathy. What I told her is to count at least five things she could have done to either avoid the danger altogether or to mitigate it, and if she fails to do that I don’t want to hear from her ever again because she’s so stupid we don’t have anything to talk about ever again.

And yes, she suddenly remembered that she could have told them to go fuck themselves the first time they pulled over to drink and get stoned, because it’s incredibly dangerous to tie your fate together with drunk stoned people. Failing to do that, she could have refused to get into that dinghy in bad weather and instead got into a bus and returned home safely. And so on, and so on.

Do you understand what I’m trying to say here? Ignoring dangers and trusting someone else, be it stoned losers or the state, to make you safe and well, doesn’t make you a strong independent person. It makes you a whiny loser and a retard. A strong independent woman won’t try to go home through a dangerous neighborhood at night, or through some corn field, and then whine and cry that she was raped, expecting everyone’s sympathy because if you tell her that she did something wrong, you’re a rape apologist. No, I’m not a rape apologist, I’m a don’tgiveafucktarian and a common sense apologist. If you go through a place where there is potential danger, you need to assess your ability to defend yourself against this danger, and if your abilities are insufficient, then either take someone with you in order to give you more power, or buy a gun and keep it in your purse, or both. Then, if someone tries to rape you, shoot him. That’s what a strong, independent woman would do. What a weak, whining dependent victim would do is not think, delude herself, go straight into the jaws of danger without any defense other than her bullshit beliefs, and when someone fucks her against her will she will whine and ask for sympathy.

The point where you deserve sympathy is when you did everything to avoid danger, you did what a reasonable, rational person would do, and you still got harmed. For instance, you were driving home and some idiot failed to yield to you in the intersection and rammed your car. That’s something you had no control over and you were just out of luck, and everybody should feel sympathy for you. But if you chose to go on a trip with a bunch of stoned retards and almost drowned because they thought it was a good idea to cross stormy sea in a rubber dinghy, and you went along, you’re a fucking retard and you deserve what you got. People who are that stupid deserve nothing better than to be victims. If they manage to survive, they shouldn’t whine, they should see what they did wrong and change their behavior. That’s called “being proactive”. You see what you can do in order not to become a victim.

I am a very strong independent man, and if I knew I have to go into a dangerous neighborhood during the night, I would probably try to avoid it altogether, and if that’s not possible, I’d try to bring friends along, preferably armed. I also drive a 4WD car with winter tires. That’s called “taking appropriate precautions” and “being a rational person”, not “victim blaming” or being a “snowstorm apologist”. If you live in the bottom of a mountain like I do, where there’s deep snow every winter, you either get a car that’s good for such circumstances, or you don’t drive in winter. You don’t say “I have a human right not to be wrapped into a pretzel around a tree” and go out in a rear-wheel drive car with summer tires on a road with snow and ice on it. If you didn’t take appropriate precautions and you get wrecked, you fucking deserve it, and if you whine about it all you will get is me laughing at you because you’re a weak whiny fucktard. You can label me all you want, but I just don’t give a fuck, because people who need to resort to this kind of passive-aggressive debate tactics usually don’t have arguments that are worth a damn, and if you use that on me I’ll just smell blood in the water and proceed to tear you apart.

The makeup of a lady

In the previous article I vented my anger at the situation in which women behave like sluts and whores instead of acting like ladies. Although the difference between the two is intuitively clear to me and I could cite clear examples of both, it is quite difficult to define them unequivocally and I struggled a bit trying to put my thoughts on this matter in order.

The first thing that probably comes to one’s mind when trying to think of ladies is that they don’t enjoy sex, because they are somehow above that, or at least they pretend to be. I find this quite awkward, because I never, ever had sex with a woman who didn’t have an orgasm like the perfect lady; an orgasm is the most ladylike point in a woman’s life. Sluttiness is the reason why I don’t watch porn, because I find it to be the exact opposite of what I associate sex with. Sex, the real thing, is the most sincere, honest and beautiful thing, and the irony is, whores and sluts don’t have orgasms. They whine and moan and pant and scream while they fake it, but in order for a woman to have an orgasm, she needs to check all the bullshit at the door, she needs to discard all pretense and “come home”, into the truth of her being, and this truth of a woman’s being is the main reason why I, as a man, have sex with women, because this moment of a woman’s truth, surrender and utmost vulnerability is incredibly beautiful.

As an example, I will link to an art project in which a woman sits at the table and reads from a random book, in a decent, formal setting, fully dressed, while being sexually stimulated with a vibrator. The result are women at the most ladylike behavior I can think of – trying to retain composure and focus while fighting a losing battle with the unbearable, raw urge to have a violent orgasm on camera. None of them are trying to be sexy, or seductive; they try to remain calm and composed and you can see how they gradually lose it, for moments at first, but their focus is drawn inwards until the impulse is too strong for them to resist and they surrender, in the moment of raw, pure, undiluted truth, which shows orgasm more as a spiritual experience than something we can perceive as “sexy”. That’s why I think whores and sluts cannot orgasm. If they want to, they need to stop being sluts and whores and surrender all that bullshit and posture and commerce, and they need to become true ladies at least for a moment, where they come home, into their truth, naked and completely vulnerable, in total surrender. Those videos are the exact opposite of pornography – in pornography, you see everything in sex that is meaningless and trivial, everything that is fake. You see every bit of a woman’s breasts and genitals and yet you see nothing of the woman. Here, you see the woman fully clad yet fully revealed, in the rawest moment of her sexuality, the true, full orgasm as she desperately fights for control and loses. This is what makes a perfect lady – sincerity, honesty, composure, self-possession and truth, because a lady doesn’t try to appear sexual, she doesn’t try to experience an orgasm. She tries not to, often quite desperately, and fails in complete surrender.

And that is why we, the heterosexual men, love the ladies and despise the sluts; because the ladies are truly like us. They fight for control against the powerful force of their sexuality, just like us, and they are in touch with their truth, which is that they cannot win; they can only desperately try to control the moment when they lose.

The ladies are like a bottle of champagne; all that pressure under very tight control and contained. You can feel the pressure only by the very subtle signs that indicate slight lapses of control, and in this we, men, recognize them as kindred souls, because we, too, always present a very controlled, polite front with hardly ever a lapse, and it excites us to see women doing the same, because nothing shows the sexual excitement more than the force of control one needs to apply in order to keep it buttoned up.

The sluts and whores, they are like a can of cheap beer. Lots of hiss and foam, but no pop. Cheap, but unexciting. A paradox is that overtly sexualized, slutty women are as unexciting to men as rapists and overtly drooling men are to women. It’s just a huge “yukk!”, like a glass of warm, stale beer with a dead fly floating on top. A lady, however, with her thousands of PSI of sexual pressure carefully bottled up and caged, a lady who guards herself, careful, invokes a gentleman’s deep empathy, and a desire to be the one she chooses to relinquish her immaculate control with. After all, champagne is something that is reserved for special occasions, and it’s a very profound experience to be the one in whose arms a perfect lady will completely lose it.


I recently saw some ridiculous thing called “slutwalk” where ugly, whorish women demand the right to be sluts and whores and still be treated with respect. Essentially, their message is “I can dress as a whore and act as vulgarly as a bitch in heat, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to fuck me”.

Well guess what? Nobody wants to fuck worthless, whorish, loud, disrespectful women; at least nobody with whom I’d share a cup of coffee would. Women don’t become sexually attractive by being classless, disgusting sluts. Nobody in his right mind would put his cock in that. They are undesirable social refuse, and only undesirable male refuse and scum without any worth or self respect would fuck them, and even they would first have to get drunk and think of something else. Essentially, such slutty, whorish women without any modesty or feeling of self-worth are the Western equivalent of Arab or African male scum: filthy, lazy, incompetent and without self control, discipline or protective instinct for women, who finger-rape female reporters on the streets because they are essentially sub-human beasts out of control.

Both those groups are disgusting. They never learned how to play the game of being human; essentially, they are total degenerates. The Western women don’t know how to be women, and Islamic men don’t know how to be men. They are failures at being human.

Male and female roles are a dance, it’s a gentle and careful play of give and take, of respect and support, of emotion, intellect and instinct. It’s a game of refusing to ask and demand in order to allow your partner the possibility to give it to you freely and vulnerably. It’s a subtle, incredibly subtle game.

A truly emancipated woman will be decent, polite, respectful, beautiful, intelligent, gentle, kind and self-possessed. She will be quiet and modest, giving the man a chance to encourage her and support her. She will be beautiful and attractive, out of respect for the man, because she admires him and desires his company and wants to be her best for him. He in turn will recognize those signs and will gently support the woman, encourage her, serve her and protect her, because her beauty and her shy smile are a signal that he is respected, admired and wanted, and he in turn will put his strength to her service. He will be the shield under which she can blossom and show everything that she is and can be. One of the strongest sexual signals a woman sends is a display of beauty and weakness and need, to which a man instinctively responds by worshiping the woman and putting his strength to her service. This subtle game of minds and emotions laced with instinct and physical responses is the richness of human sexuality that is so often forgotten in today’s vulgar understanding of sexuality which is reduced to the basest genital-rubbing of animal copulation. If one partner doesn’t respond properly to the subtle signals in this dance, (s)he’s not worthy and the game ends.

If a woman is behaving like a slut, she basically declares that she has nothing at all in her entire being that is above the level of two dogs fucking in the street. If a man is acting sexually aggressive towards women, if he can’t control his sexuality, if he doesn’t respect a woman’s wishes and choices, he’s no better than a dog in heat, and is not really a man; he’s merely a male human animal without any value. If a woman isn’t beautiful and vulnerable for the man, it’s a sign that she doesn’t respect him and the game ends. If she makes display of her own power, it’s a sign that she despises the man and deems him unworthy and the game ends. If she is too openly sexual and not shy, it means her soul, mind and emotions are not merged together with her body and playing along, it means she’s essentially a chunk of meat, a worthless person, and it’s a turnoff for the man. If a man displays any lack of respect, protection and self-control, it means he’s a worthless animal, it means that the soul, mind and emotions don’t control the body and its instincts, and it’s a turnoff for the woman.

The woman who knows how to cooperate with a man will show vulnerability, and he will respond by providing support, encouraging her and protecting her. She won’t have to force any doors open by power of her own. All the doors will open for her by his power at her service. Sex is a game that subtly and slowly evolves, it’s a dance that begins with sharing vulnerability in a subtle way, for instance when the woman tries very hard to be beautiful and attractive for him, because that’s the show of need and vulnerability, and he will respond by providing help, support and protection. She, in turn, will respond by accepting those things with gratitude, and those acts that begin with subtle hints and exchange of subtle hints and signals soon turns into entwining of emotions and desires, ending with bodies entwined in sexual union of vulnerability, support, exchange and joy. A woman doesn’t need to dress like a slut to be sexy. In fact, if she dresses like slut she is the opposite of sexy. She is sexy when she subtly, unconsciously hints need and vulnerability, because I never met a woman who couldn’t get out of her clothes in seconds, if the circumstances demand it. Dressing like a slut isn’t a hint of sexual availability, it’s a scream of despair by someone without any feeling of self-worth.

A woman’s emancipation isn’t about hinting that she doesn’t need a man in order to be happy. No, a woman’s emancipation is in showing she isn’t desperate for any man, it’s in showing that she doesn’t need to act like a desperate crack whore to get sexual attention. A woman’s emancipation is being a worthy person who tries to be the best possible woman for the man who will show he’s worthy by reading her signals properly and responding in kind. An emancipated woman is the perfect dance partner for the emancipated perfect man. You are emancipated by being worthy but vulnerable, because a worthy vulnerable woman will be the perfect turn-on for the worthy powerful man.

That’s how men and women evolved, to be mutually supportive and complementary. They work best as a unit and actually need each other, they can’t realize their full potential alone. A woman without a man’s support is crippled, and a man without a woman’s support will become depressed and die. They literally need each other’s love in order to realize their potential. Feminists who teach women how they don’t need men, and men who talk about “red pills” and not needing women are idiots. Women and men desperately need each other, but they need each other in the right way, they need to play the game of give and take, of intertwining of emotions, minds, flows of energy and bodies, in order to protect each other’s weaknesses from harm, in order to make each other’s strengths flourish. The talk about “not needing” the other sex is just hurt feelings talking, it’s all bullshit. What people don’t need is someone who will abuse their trust, treat them like shit and betray them; but they need a partner who will be supportive, loyal, gentle and kind, who will love them and encourage them to be the best version of self that they can be. Sex is much, much more than rubbing genitals in order to achieve orgasm. Sex is to surrender to someone in order to be more. Sex is being vulnerable in order to be protected, sex is feeling admired and wanted because you’re wonderful, sex is laughing at weird jokes, talking for hours about all sorts of things, shoveling snow together in winter and then making warm tea and laughing at something stupid. It’s a subtle, rich, sophisticated thing that makes you fully human, as opposed to being a two-legged animal in heat. A yogin and a yogini can experience deep fullness of sexual exchange by merely feeling and enjoying each other’s spiritual energy, clothes on and everything, while animalistic people can never experience anything as fulfilling regardless of how they rub their pleasure zones. For humans, physical sexuality is never enough, it never even begins to touch what is possible when the soul, emotion, mind and energy are joined together with the body in the fullness of experience. In fact, the physical sexuality often adds so little to the experience, it can be completely omitted. Those women who flaunt their physical body in a vulgar manner in fact show their belief that other than empty flesh, they possess nothing of interest; they are the female equivalent of male rapists, who feel so worthless they are certain a woman would refuse them if they asked, and so they don’t. Those two are the male and female versions of the same worthless scum.

A worthy, sophisticated woman will be beautiful, but will not attempt to be overtly sexy or dress scantly. She will trust she is cool and wonderful enough as a person that one will want her entirety, that a worthy man will enjoy her style, her humor, wit, emotional subtlety, ideas and energy, and when it comes to removing her clothes, she can do that quickly enough whatever she has on. A worthy, sophisticated man will have confidence that the woman he would want as his partner would recognize him and invite him; he will not try hard, or be desperate, overtly seductive or deceitful in order to get sex quickly. To him, it isn’t about getting sex quickly, it’s about getting the right woman, and when the woman is right every aspect of their interaction is sex, from holding hands, feeling each other’s emotions, hearing each other’s thoughts spoken, breathing in sync and sexual joining. A worthy man knows that if the slow, subtle dance of sexuality isn’t spontaneous and if it’s not mutual and deep, it’s not worth demeaning yourself by even bothering, he just lets that woman get the man who’s right for her, and it’s not him. For confident, emancipated men and women, it’s never a power play, it’s never a game of conquest, it’s finding the partner who makes you a fully-flourishing version of yourself. That’s also why sluts always end up with drunks and thugs – because they are right for each other, and nobody else would want them. A Western whore who twerks with her arse in the general direction of a cock will end up raped by some Arab piece of shit who waves his cock in the general direction of cunt. To hell with that worthless shit. We in the West are better than this, we are the superior, sophisticated civilization of subtle sexual poetry and art, we are the more realized, more emancipated version of humans. We should not demean ourselves by degrading our sexuality to the level of dogs and Africans.

Vae victis

I was thinking about where does all the bullshit of our civilization come from, because it does look like it must have a common root somewhere – all the socialism, minority rights, all this whining and complaining by worthless losers that the fact that someone else is better at everything means that this person is “privileged” and this somehow needs to be redressed.

It’s all Jesus’ fault. He’s the one who cooked up this entire mess by claiming that the rich people will go to hell and the poor will go to heaven because somehow God loves losers and it’s a zero sum game, in the sense that everybody is entitled to the same amount of good and bad stuff and if you don’t get your rightful share, it must be redressed in afterlife (Lk 16, 19-25).

Let me just remind you that this quasi-moral position was not common throughout history. On the contrary, in the Roman empire you had a Darwinian meritocracy, in the sense that if you were powerful, you were simply worth more. It was obvious from the way imperium was distributed among the state officials, where the more powerful officials had more lictors, who were basically the law and could simply execute someone on the spot if he looked at them wrongly, with a few carefully listed exceptions. If you had power, you wielded it without any consideration for the powerless, and if someone lost, he was fucked – the official policy was “vae victis”, which basically translates as “woe to the losers”. The losers were either killed or sold on the slave market together with their families. One would say that this is so beneath today’s moral standards that this country must have been a total shithole. On the contrary, it was the flower of culture, art and science of the time. We inherited their methodical thinking, their approach to the law, their organization of state, and their aesthetics. However, since the Christians took over and introduced us to the glory of the dark ages, we also inherited their concept of guilt for being successful, guilt for feeling good about your achievements, fear of power as a corrupting influence, and basically the concept according to which God prefers losers and is terribly offended if the losers suffer any consequences of being losers, and winners enjoy any privileges of being winners.

Can you even imagine a “social justice warrior” trying to “redistribute wealth” and “check privilege” in this cultural milieu? It would be laughable. Imagine someone trying to guilt a person of Roman mentality for “enjoying white male privilege”. The response would be something along these lines: “I don’t understand what you mean. It’s not a privilege, it’s an earned right. We white males invented everything worth having in this world. We invented steam power, we invented steel, we invented electricity, we invented petroleum energetics and internal combustion engine, we invented nuclear power plants, we made all the IT companies, all the sciences, all the technology, we invested all that effort, and we of course enjoy the fruits of our achievements. What else are we supposed to do? Whenever someone else is capable of functioning on our level, he too enjoys the fruits of his achievements, like the Asians, for instance, who are competent and function just fine on merit. It’s not our problem that some groups of people can’t succeed on merit. They are losers and their purpose in life is servitude to the winners, and they are fortunate if we allow them even that, because we could as easily kick them out of our countries because they are underachieving losers unworthy of our glorious civilization; they can organize their own shitholes according to their shitty ideas about how a civilization should work, but if their ideas worked they wouldn’t be losers, they would be winners. Asians and Jews don’t need help in order to succeed, for instance. They are doing just fine because they are smart, competent and hard working. It’s the scum that’s complaining, it’s the scum that wants undeserved privileges and tries to guilt the winners into giving them stuff. Fuck them. They are all like those obnoxious Gipsy beggars who whine ‘I’m a poor piece of shit, give me money’. Why would we give someone money for being a piece of shit? Being a piece of shit should be rewarded with a bullet through the head. Being a worthy person should be rewarded with wealth and fame.”

Actually, now that you remind me, that would actually work great. Let’s organize ourselves according to those principles. Reward friends, worthy people and those whom you admire with money. Let worthless scum die in squalor. Be proud of doing that because you are supporting what’s good and discouraging what’s bad. Injustice is when the worthy aren’t rewarded enough, and the unworthy are not poor and miserable enough. Never be ashamed of being wealthy and powerful – instead, use your power to stimulate good, worthy and valuable things in the world, because it’s a great privilege to be able to do so, and it’s immensely spiritually rewarding. Reward the philosophers, spiritual teachers, inventors, scientists and other worthy intellectuals who enrich the world with great things. Reward the brave soldiers, those who help the innocent against scum and villains. Don’t feed scum and losers, no matter how much they whine about injustice, because the only injustice is that they exist at all; as Jesus properly remarked once, if you’re incompetent, even that little which you do have should be taken away from you and given to the one who is competent and has the most, because he’s worthy and you’re not (Lk 19, 11-28).